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How to Make Bubbles in Photoshop


How to Make Bubbles in Photoshop</a>

Photoshop opens up great opportunities for you to create a variety of visual effects in photos and any other images.

With Photoshop you can simulateAlmost any phenomenon - for example, to depict in any photo a few transparent soap bubbles, which are almost impossible to distinguish from these.



Open in Photoshop Photo, above which you will work, for example, a floral still-life.


Duplicate the main layer with the photo, afterThen open the Filter menu and select the Distort - & gt- Spherize option. Set Amount to 30. Apply the filter again by pressing Ctrl + F.


Now, on the toolbar, select the optionEllipse Marquee Tool and around the deformed area, make a round selection by holding down the Shift key. If you need to give the selection a special round shape, click on the selection with the right mouse button and select the transformation option.


Invert the selection by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I, andThen delete the new selection by clicking Delete. From the duplicated layer, you will only have a rounded selection with a distorted photo. Re-invert the image and change its scale by selecting the Free Transform tool. Drag the bubble to the desired location in the photo.


Do the same thing with a few more bubbles- Hide the previous layer and create a new one by copying the previous selection to it and applying the Spherize filter to it again. Amount in each case, change to make the bubbles different - strengthen or vice versa weaken the action of the filter.


Select the removal by pressing the key combination Ctrl + D,Then make all layers visible and apply a free transformation to finalize the bubbles under the image settings on the background. Combine all layers by selecting the Flatten Image option in the Layer menu.


In order to make the bubbles more noticeable,Select the Smart Sharp option in the filter menu with a volume of 30% and a radius of 40 pixels. Then apply a soft eraser to the edges of the blisters. In the Overlay settings, set the value to Inner Glow.


Separate the background separately from the bubbles and apply the Gaussian Blur filter to it, to further emphasize the bubbles. Draw on the surface of bubbles glare. The drawing is ready.

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