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HOW to make bubbles in Photoshop

How to make bubbles in Photoshop

Photoshop offers you a great opportunity to create a variety of visual effects to photos and any other images.

With Photoshop, you can simulatealmost any event - for example, draw on any photo more transparent soap bubbles, which are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing.



Open the Photoshop photo on which you will work, such as floral still life.


Duplicate the base layer with a photo, afterthen go to Filter menu and choose Distort option - & gt- Spherize. Set the Amount parameter to 30. Apply the filter again by pressing the key combination Ctrl + F.


Now, in the tool bar, selectEllipse Marquee Tool and make the area around the deformed circular selection, hold down the Shift key. If you need to make a special allocation of a rounded shape, click on the allocation of the right mouse button and select the transformation.


Invert the selection by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I, andthen remove the new selection by pressing Delete. On the duplicated layer you will only have to round the selected area with a distorted picture. Repeatedly invert the image, and change the scale, select the Free Transform tool. Drag the bubble to the right place in the picture.


Make the same way a few bubbles- Hide the previous layer and create a new one by copying it previous selection and re-applying to it Spherize filter. Amount parameter in each case change to get different bubbles - strengthens or conversely loosen the filter.


Isolation remove by pressing the key combination Ctrl + D,then make all the layers visible and use the free transformation for the final fitting of bubbles under the parameters of the image in the background. Merge all layers by choosing Layer Flatten Image menu option.


In order to have turned more visible bubbles,select Smart Sharp Filter menu option with a volume of 30% and a radius of 40 pixels. Then the bubble edges treat soft eraser. In the blending options, layers, set the Inner Glow.


Background separately from bubbles select and apply a Gaussian Blur filter to further focus on the bubbles. Doris glare on the surface of bubbles. Figure prepared.

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