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How to make hair on short hair


How to make hair on short hair</a>

To look always bright and good is the dream of many women. And of course, I want to look a little different every day.

One way to achieve this is to do your hair every day in a new way.

With long and medium hair this is easy. However, if you have short hair, there are not many hair styles.

One of them is varnished. It can be done on any hair.

Such a hairstyle will give volume and splendor to your hair.

This is the best solution for weak and thin hair.

You will need

  • Comb, lacquer or other means of fixation for fixing hair



Divide the hair into strands approximately 2.5 cm. A larger strand is difficult to comb correctly.


Make bouffant. To do this, take a straight line at a right angle to the head and start making vigorous movements of the comb to the roots of the hair. remember, that bouffantHair should be pulled carefully, so as not to damage their structure. Especially it concerns the thin and weakened hair. Secure bouffant With the help of fixing agents, for example lacquer.


Through bouffantAnd you can make several different hairstyles. If you want to achieve a large volume and have a hair length of about 15 cm, then enough bouffantOnly the tips. If your hair is 10 cm long, then bouffant Should be done along the entire length. To create a basis for a hairstyle or when using an overhead hairpiece, hair costs bouffantTo go to the roots.

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