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HOW do bagpipes

How to make bagpipes

Bagpipes at the majority of listeners associated with Scotland.

However, this tool was common once acrossEurope, from Scandinavia to Portugal. Now due to the fact that folk music has become popular again, this great tool is experiencing a rebirth.

historical bagpipes bag is made of leather.

However, modern materials are no worse, and in some ways even superior to traditional.

You will need

  • - Leatherette on the base of a synthetic
  • - Bicycle box or piece of calendered kaprona-
  • - Bovine rog-
  • - 4 threads on fruit trees diameter from 1 to 5 cm 3
  • - A piece of tissue-dense
  • - bahroma-
  • - Glue "Moment", 88 or BF.
  • - sandpaper-
  • - atseton-
  • - Threads №10-
  • - nozhovka-
  • - Linseed oil-
  • - A tuning fork.



Making the bagpipes start with the choice of material. The synthetic leatherette sold in hardware stores. But it is necessary to try to stretch. Sack will withstand a lot of stress, so choose a material poprochnee. He must not tear under tension.


Increase and cut out the pattern. Leatherette Fold in half, right sides together and circle pattern. The narrowest part of the tube is designed to drain. Its size does not matter much for the quality of the sound, it depends entirely on what kind of look you are more satisfied with the bagpipes.


Cut out the template and add them faceto each other, combining all sections. To smear glue needed allowances from the front. Scuff the glossy surface of the workpiece edge, to degrease them with acetone. Spread adhesive allowances a distance of about 1, 5 cm from the edges. Hole under the sink is not necessary to seal. Press firmly bonding sites and put them under pressure until dry. Carefully read the instructions in the glue - it tells you how many you need to keep the details under the load.


Cotton thread №10 fold in 3-4 times. Sew gluing place you in any known seam. It is best to apply the double seam, such as shoemaking, or "back needle". The thread can be waxed.


To carve out a 5 cm wide strip and equal in lengthbag perimeter. Align the fabric with fabric sides, fold the ribbon in half and glue it around the seam. This will strengthen the seam and give the bag the necessary tightness.


Cut off from the cow horn all unnecessary. Be Only horn without cranial bones. In a large pot, pour water, put back the horn and some aromatics, bring to a boil and simmer for at least 4 hours. Remove the horn knife and cut inside, leaving only the outer shell.


Leave the horn to dry in a warm place for 3-5 weeks. This is best done in the summer, in the shade. After the final horn zakosteneet, drill the sharp part on the size of the gaming handset.


Pick a round stick about 25 cm long. It should be dry and intact. Grind it, burn out and sand the core. This can be done with hot iron rod. Its inner diameter is 8mm. Mark the holes. Obey all sizes. Oiled wood. This will prevent rotting. Details immerse into the container with linseed oil for about a week. For the same technology do 2-3 different tubes.


Made of brass and ebonite stick. Reed wind instrument called a small plate, which is inserted into the upper hole. Now I stick to bagpipes can be found in music stores. Gather bagpipes. Make holes for drainage. They should be in the form of petals. Insert them and Bourdon tube vduvnuyu and firmly drag the thread.


Carved wooden pieces. Do not forget about valves. The top is made of a tube from a dropper. Cut out of bicycle inner tube or calendered nylon valve. Of the plastic tube (also from a dropper) buzzer to make the drone.


Make a shirt for the bag. Carve out her patterns with seam allowance. Sostrochite, make cutouts for pipes. Begin to sew the top and bottom close after the bag and insert the tube. Decorate bagpipes fringe.

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