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How to make bagpipes


How to make bagpipes</a>

Bagpipe for most listeners is associated with Scotland.

However, this instrument was once used throughoutEurope, from Scandinavia to Portugal. Now, in connection with the fact that folk music has again become in demand, this wonderful instrument is experiencing a second birth.

A bag of historical bagpipes is made of leather.

However, modern materials are no worse, and in some cases even superior to traditional ones.

You will need

  • - dermatine on a synthetic basis-
  • - a bicycle camera or a piece of calendered capron-
  • - cow horn-
  • - 4 branches from fruit trees with a diameter of 1, 5 to 3 cm-
  • - a piece of dense fabric-
  • - fringe-
  • - glue "Moment", 88 or BF.
  • - sandpaper-
  • - acetone-
  • - thread number 10-
  • - hacksaw-
  • - linseed oil-
  • - tuning fork.



Start the bagpipe production by selecting the material. Synthetic dermatine is sold in hardware stores. But you need to try to stretch it. The bag has to withstand a lot of stress, so choose the material more simply. It should not break with tension.


Increase and cut out the pattern. Fold the dermatitis in two with the faces facing each other and circle the pattern. The narrowest part is designed to drain the tube. Its size does not matter much for the sound quality, it depends solely on what kind of appearance of bagpipes you are more comfortable with.


Cut out the templates and fold them with the front sideTo each other, combining all the slices. Apply glue to the allowances on the front side. Sand the glossy surface of the edges of the workpiece, degrease them with acetone. Spread the allowances with glue about 1, 5 cm from the edges. A hole under the drain should not be glued. Firmly press in place the gluing and place them under the press until it dries completely. Carefully read the instructions for glue - it indicates how much you need to keep the parts under the load.


Cotton thread number 10 folded 3-4 times. Sew the gluing places with any seam you know. It is best to use a double seam, such as a shoe, or "back needle". The thread can be waxed.


Cut a ribbon 5 cm wide and a length equal toPerimeter of the bag. Align the fabric sides with the fabric, fold the tape in half and glue it around the entire seam. This will strengthen the seam and give the bag the necessary tightness.


Scribe all the unnecessary from the cow's horn. Only the horn, without the cranial bone, should remain. In a large pot pour water, put the horn and some aromatic substances there, bring to a boil and cook for at least 4 hours. Get out the horn and cut the inside with a knife, leaving only the outer shell.


Leave the horn to dry in a warm place for 3-5 weeks. It is best to do it in the summer, in the shade. After the horn is completely stiffened, drill the sharp part to the size of the game tube.


Pick up a round stick about 25 cm long. It must be dry and whole. Sharpen it, sand it and burn out the core. This can be done with a hot iron rod. Its internal diameter is 8 mm. Mark the holes. Strictly observe the dimensions. Soak the tree with oil. This will prevent rotting. Details immerse in a container of linseed oil for about a week. For the same technology, make 2-3 more different tubes.


Make a brass or ebonite cane. A cane for wind instruments is a small plate that is inserted into the upper hole. Now canes for bagpipes can be found in music stores. Collect Bagpipes. Make holes for drains. They should be in the form of petals. Insert the burdon and inflatable tubes into them and firmly tighten them with threads.


Turn out the wooden parts. Do not forget about the valves. Make the upper part of the tube from the dropper. Cut out the valve from the bicycle chamber or the calendered nylon. From the plastic tube (also from the dropper), make a burger.


Make a shirt for the bag. Carve it from the templates with allowances for seams. Tear, make cuts for the tubes. Start stitching from the top, and close the bottom after you insert the bag and tubes. Decorate Bagpipes Fringe.

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