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How to make icons yourself


How to make icons yourself</a>

As in past years, badges remain a fairly popular attribute of youth symbols.

On the icons depict the famous rock musicians, provocative symbols and write appeals for all sorts of actions.

We will tell you how to make a badge with your own hands.

You will need

  • Metal sunset icon with a diameter of 35-56mm, scissors, image-picture for a new badge with margins of at least 1.5cm for the fold.



Let's consider some variants of independent manufacturing of badges.
Option one - remake of the ready sunsetIcon. The sunset icon is a metal or plastic round badge with a pin on the back. First, separate the plastic base from the badge.


After that, remove the metal part from theImage in the film, trying not to damage it. Next, remove the image and the film by bending the edges. After that, attach the desired picture-image to the metal-based icon, bending the margins for the base.


Top the film, also bending the edges inside. At the end, insert a plastic base with a pin into the prepared metal part of the badge. The icon is ready.


Option two - finalization of the sunset icon. This method is much easier than the above. To make a badge you need a sunset icon with a pin, an image for a new badge made on self-adhesive paper, a wide adhesive tape.


Print the desired image on the self-adhesivePaper, glue it on the badge. Fix the top with a wide tape so that no bubbles and wrinkles remain. Smooth out the finished image with a sharp object. Instead of scotch, the image can be laminated using an iron and a cellophane bag.


Using the same technique, you can make an icon in the form of a real bouquet of flowers. To do this, you need a tissue paper or a thin cloth, glue.


Cut the paper with six-leafed sheaves or twist outPieces of colored paper of arbitrary shape flowers. Glue them to the base with a pin. Allow the glue to dry. A few hours later the fashionable jewelry is ready.

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