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How to make an automatic connection to the Internet

How to automatically connect to the Internet

Long gone are the days when a network connection has been a complex and long procedure. Today, the Internet is almost at all, and its configuration and installation simplified to the maximum.

Set up an automatic Internet connection on your computer in Windows XP operating system is very simple? This can make even a novice computer user.

Follow our instructions for creating an automatic connection to the network.



To get started go to? Start and open the? Control Panel. Go to the? Network and network connections. Of the compounds, select PPPoE-connection and open its properties.


The properties of the connection, click the settings and turn off the check box at the item? Require name and password. Click? OK, and then right-click the connection and click? Create Shortcut.


Click on the disk? The C section?Documents and Settings folder? Startup and move it established the connection shortcut. When you download the Internet connection of the operating system will turn on automatically.


You can also open? Start tab?All Programs, and then open the? Standard, then? ? Tools and go to the market? Scheduled Tasks. Click? Add a task and set it on your label network connection.


Check the box on the point? When you start your computer, click? Next and? OK. This action will also run your connection each time you start the system.


To ensure uninterrupted communication, open the back section of the network connection to the control panel and go to the properties of the compound.


Click the Options tab and tickon point? Call back when you break a link. Click? OK to confirm the changes. This will allow the Internet to recover quickly in the event of disconnection.

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