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How to make an electric car

How to make an electric car

Historically, that in Russian schools the most widely used electrostatic machines Vimshursta, and in the US - Van de Graaff.

Homemade generator, in order to simplify the design can be made not similar to the one nor the other.



As a basis for generator use plexiglass sheet in the form of a square with sides of about 300 millimeters.


In the middle of the base vertically fix the motor from neispravnovo cassette recorder so that its shaft pointing upwards.


On the motor shaft will strengthen in any way you want spoiled shellac small diameter.


From the details of the children's metalDesigner fabricate holder leather pieces in such a way that it is positioned over the plate and gently rubbed it. Fasten the cradle so that it does not interfere with shellac to rotate.


Sam piece of leather cut out unnecessary boot. Woven into it a little thin wire. Fasten it to the holder.


Take the old steel wool. Fix it on the basis of a shellac on the side opposite the holder of a piece of skin. It must also deal with the plate slightly, without interfering with her spinning.


Testing the electrostatic machines spendaway from any electronic devices. If you want to take pictures of the generator, ask about this assistant, who must not approach the design with a camera or a phone at a distance of less than four meters. If necessary, he can use the zoom function. After working with the machine before touching any electronic devices, discharge your body, which depart from the generator, and then go to the bathroom for a few seconds, hold your finger under warm running water. Open the valve before it needs an assistant.


To determine whether a self-made workselectrostatic machine, you can. Between the wire, woven into a piece of leather, and steel wool, connect the neon lamp. Apply rated voltage to the motor, and soon, this lamp should light up. Look closely, and you'll find that glows only one electrode. It is connected to the negative polyusu.Poprobuyte force generators to rotate in the opposite direction, change the polarity of the electric power. The polarity of the high voltage generator output does not change. If you can not themselves explain this phenomenon, consult a teacher of physics.


Make a simple parallel-plate capacitor. Its plate may be made of foil and dry dielectric plastic plate will cut out of beverages from bottles. The covers must be in the form of squares with a side of about 20 mm. Making larger capacitor plates, and hence higher capacity, it is dangerous.


Make a simple relaxation oscillator,connecting a capacitor in parallel and made you discharger consisting of two pins, the distance between the cusps of which is several millimeters. Connect it to the generator and start the engine. Between the electrodes of the arrester will periodically slip iskry.Na fact, the relaxation oscillator capacitor and an element in addition to the negative dynamic resistance (in this case - the discharger) necessarily contains resistor. Here it is expressed in implicit form - it replaces the high internal resistance generatora.Nikogda not include electrostatic machine with a condenser, but without the spark gap.


When finished, stop the engine, and thendischarge the capacitor with a screwdriver very well insulated ruchkoy.Mozhno also put the whole generator in a box made of plexiglass, enclosed on all sides, to discharges were visible, but the touch elements under high voltage, it was impossible. In this case, after each capacitor discharge machine is turned off is not required.

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