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HOW to make a visa to the Czech Republic

How to make yourself a visa to the Czech Republic

Currently the Czech Republic is part of the countries that signed the Schengen agreement, according to which tourists can visit all Schengen countries, by making only one visa.

You will need

  • Passport Photo 3,5x4,5, completed application form, medical insurance, visa fees, hotel reservations or invitation.



To apply for visa the Czech Republic, the passport must be valid for at least another three months after the expiry of the visa.


You will need completed application form, which you can take directly at the consulate or visa application center as well as the standard picture in the Schengen visa 3,5 × 4,5 and photocopies of pages of Russian passport.


Schengen countries want to beensure that tourists do not remain illegally live with them, so you need certificate of employment, which indicates the salary and position of the person. Money should be enough to cover the costs of staying in the country. Usually require approximately $ 100 per day of stay. If there are no funds or the person does not work, then you need to submit a sponsorship letter, as well as help with the work of the sponsor. Availability of money is confirmed by a bank statement.


We need to pay the visa fee, the amount of which for the tourist visa is fixed at 35 euros.


To the Visa Application Centre or consulate were confidentthat you will be where to live, to the application form you need to make a confirmation of booking of the hotel in the Czech Republic. Or an official invitation from the people living there. If the purpose of the trip is the treatment, the attached official papers from the medical institution, which is sent to the person.


Be sure to need medical insurance. Moreover, the amount of insurance payments shall be not less than 30 thousand euros. Contents insurance can be right in the visa application center.


When all the documents are ready, you need to come to the consulate or visa application center and pay their employees. If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire or consulate requirements, staff will help you.


In most cases, a visa to the Czech Republic is done quickly, the term of consideration of documents - not more than 5-6 days.

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