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How to make a frame in Photoshop


How to make a frame in Photoshop</a>

Any image in the frame looks better than withoutNey-frame is able to give the picture a special uniqueness. The color of the frame can contrast with the color scale of the image, complement it or shade, focusing on the picture.

Edging images using different textures will allow you to start playing your work with new colors, giving it a logical completeness.

The color frame for your drawing you can easily do in Photoshop, having spent only a few minutes.

You will need

  • - Photoshop
  • - to be able to use the instruments "Pipette"
  • - be able to create and move layers



Open the image in Photoshop. Rename any single word or number to a single layer (usually called "Background") by double-clicking on its name-to remove the protection and be able to perform any actions with the plane of the picture. Create a new layer and move it below the layer with the picture. The created layer will be needed to place the background of the future frame on it.

Creating a new lower layer


Change the canvas size of the image with the command"Image - Size of the canvas". Select the units of measurement of the sides of the image pixels and click the checkmark next to the word "Relative" (the size of the canvas will vary with respect to the image size). In the fields "Width" and "Height" enter the same value, equal to the width of the required frame. After changing the size of the canvas around the picture, a frame with a transparent background should be formed, since the canvas is not the very election, but the plane on which it is placed. When changing the canvas size, the image size is not affected by changes.

Resizing an image


To correctly calculate the size of the frame,Be guided by the overall dimensions of the sides of the image. For example, if the width of the image is 500 pixels, the height is also 500 pixels, then for the picture a frame about 100 pixels wide will fit. Framing should be not too narrow and not too wide.


Select the desired color for the frame with the Eyedropper tool and fill the bottom layer with the Fill tool with the selected color.

Fill the bottom layer with the selected color


To add texture to the background, use"Filter-Rendering-Clouds" (cloud effect), "Filter-Texture-Stained-glass (or Mosaic Fragments)" (mosaic effect), "Filter-Texture-Grain" (grain effect), "Filter-Texture-Cracklyura" ( Effect of the relief surface). Perform these actions with the selected layer on which the background of the frame is placed.

Application of the command & laquo-Filter-Rendering-Clouds & raquo- to the layer with a frame

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