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How to make a claim to the bank

How to make a claim to the bank

Claim - a statement of customer dissatisfaction in the address of the organization (including the Bank), which provides services, including financial, to consumers.

To the decision was made on the complaint, it is necessary to know how to arrange it.



Briefly, without unnecessary emotions explain the essence of the claim(What, where, when and under what circumstances occurred). For example, the wording: "In your office employee who served me, I'm rude. Please understand, "will be incorrect. Correct wording: "Today, on December 13, 2011, in the department of N455, operator AA Petrov, who served me was surly and allowed herself to harsh treatment in my address. Please take action to this bank employee. Solution please inform me in writing within the time limits established by the legislation, at the address: 180025, the city of Pskov, Jubilee Street, Building 50, Apartment 228.


The complaint clearly state your requirements,for example, about the amount of debt recalculation, the punishment for the employee, and so on. This will significantly reduce the consideration of your complaint, which will allow you to get a concrete decision on it in a shorter time.


If the bank in which you want to apply claim, There is no special form for her, then state the complaint in any form, indicating your full name, passport number, current address and mobile phone number.


The complaint also specify the way you want to receive the results of its review. For example, by telephone or by mail.


If you have any documents which confirm the illegality of the bank employees, be sure to attach copies of them to its claim.


writing claim, Ask the teller to reassure her and give you a copy. This is necessary so that you can track the movement of the document at various stages of consideration.


If the operator refuses to accept a complaint from you, send it certified mail with return receipt to the addressee.


To avoid misunderstanding, try to write claim large legible handwriting.

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