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HOW TO make a basket

How to make a basket

At the moment it becomes fashionable and popular hand made - an expression of their creative ideas and talent in a material thing.

In the modern industrial world is hard to find an exclusive thing that can not be found in its neighbor.

And sometimes the desire to stand out from the crowd by filling its interior unusual thing, pushing us to the realization of their own fantasies and unusual ideas.



Basket made of twigs magazine,ideal for the home environment, and in the best case - to complement it. Screw magazine sheets of thick glossy paper in the spokes. Secure rods strong glue. Bottom-blind method "grid". Find a form to the basket. The easiest way out - a box from under the shoe. To the side walls beautifully kept frame, glue the side bars together, sparing no glue. Just make sure that the frame is not glued to the walls. Braid tightly, leaving no gaps.


Carefully seal the ends of the side bars when weaving come to deliberate height (height selected individually), and the remaining ends of cut at all.


Turn the basket bottom to the top. Seal the bottom of the additional fragile twigs in the same way - "grid". The preform again promazhte decent layer of adhesive, leaving time to dry.


Only a few finishing touches: Brainstorm Shopping cart white acrylic paint in multiple layers. Until almost the factory default settings Shopping cart bring a layer of caramel to paint. Color acquires more intense and bright color. You can also weave a cover if desired. Original basket, as if woven from vines, looks great and lasts long service hostess.

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