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How to learn to draw ships


How to learn to draw ships</a>

Among the famous artists are particularly distinguished those masters who preferred all other subjects to seascapes and the image of sea vessels.

If you also like sailing, and you dream of drawing a ship, you can try to paint your first marine painting with watercolors.

You will need

  • Sheet of watercolor paper,
  • Paint or watercolor pencils,
  • Soft eraser,
  • brush,
  • A glass with water,
  • Mock-up knife.



Begin the drawing process with the composition. For the outline use watercolor pencils of black color. Plan the outlines of the ships and other objects that you want to see in your drawing, draw the main contours of the details on the ship's hulls, pay attention to how the ships in the picture are combined with each other.


Start adding color accents withWatercolors of the color of yellow ocher - stroke the diagonal lines of the sail, and then lightly cross-hatching paint the hull of the ship. Make the outlines of masts, rai and bowsprit clearer.


On the sails draw the folds of the fabric,Fluttering in the wind, and also on some sails draw strips and detail the stern. On the masts, mark the color accents with a dark red watercolor and shade some of the body elements with the same watercolor to shade them.


Over shades of red, apply hatchingNatural green color, shade the stern and the keel. On the ship draw a thin black lines of deck equipment, add shading to the sails. Painted ocher sails finish, coloring them in brown and adding to the color ocher shading.


Shade the ships and their details moreDeep, and the colors make in some places more saturated with the help of dark red and brown watercolors. After that, draw the ropes, cables and rigging, depicting it with thin lines, and also mark the lines of the strips of the shell skin.


Draw chains, anchor, snap and rings forFixing the sails, shade the shadow that the whole vessel discards. If you drew watercolor pencils, wash the paint with a damp brush, creating the effect of a watercolor drawing. Dark colors deepen, and on light if necessary add white paint.

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