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How to learn great stuff


How to learn great stuff</a>

A person of any age requires a considerable amount of effort to memorize a large volume of material.

It has been experimentally proven that the mechanical re-reading of texts yields a practically zero result.

Therefore, the main thing is to use the right approach.

In order to facilitate the assimilation of large material, it is recommended to apply a comprehensive educational method.



Organizational moments
Teach in the morning hours, from 7 to 12 hours, and inAfternoon - from 14 to 18 hours. This is the optimal time to remember. For difficult information, take in the morning. If you are limited in time, then try to get enough sleep, observe the regime of the day, and do 10-minute breaks in classes.


Divide the entire amount of information by the number of days,For which it should be learned. Leave one day in reserve for repetition, if possible. Experts believe that the key to successful memorization of a material is its correct distribution over time.


Use exercise during breaks - mostly somersaults and heads on the head, which cause a rush of blood to the brain and improve its nutrition.


Working with information
First, read all the information in full, familiarized, not in detail. Repeat what you managed to remember the first time, i.e. Retell in your own words.


Break the big material into sections, blocks, preferably semantic. Or blocks equal in physical volume. If it's not obvious, then think up an associative link between the sections, title them.


Remember the sequence of blocks or sections. To do this, make a short plan. Also use associative chains, semantic associations and other methods.


Now work with each block separately. Read, select the main thoughts, reference words, concepts. For memorization, use various techniques of mnemotechnics - associations, compilation of support circuits, sketching of pictograms, etc.


Repeat, or rather - retell the information onBlock after the first reading. It's much more productive than reading it a few more times. Take the next block of material. After working it, repeat quickly the first and second. And so on, according to the growing scheme.


The next morning, after waking up, quicklyRepeat what you learned last day. Use basic words, synopses and other methods, or, better, retell from memory. On the abstracts, then check whether everything was remembered. The next day, start the repetition from the place where you left off the previous day.

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