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How to Inoculate an Apple Tree


How to Inoculate an Apple Tree</a>

You can inoculate an apple tree in various ways. Plant fruit trees with cuttings in the cleft, in the butt, behind the cortex or in the lateral section, by copulating.

The vaccination is good because if you bought an unsuccessfulSeedling, then with the help of a handle from another tree you can improve the apple tree variety. Regardless of the method of vaccination, you must first choose a tree from which the shoot will be taken.

Naturally, the tree should be healthy.

It is quite easy to inoculate the apple tree behind the bark.

In this case, stock of different diameters is used.

You will need

  • Secateurs, cuttings from the grafted tree, a garden knife or saw, garden var, putty, material for fixing the grafted cuttings



Start off Inoculation Should be in the period of sap flow, i. Approximately in May, but if you have to plant many trees, you can start earlier. Rarely Inoculation Do in the summer. When grafting, annual shoots of apple trees are used, which are harvested either in November or in March. Take the cuttings from the middle tier of the crown, and it is better to choose those that are located on the south or south-west side. Cuttings cut from a tree with a secate or a garden file. Make tufts of 20-30 shoots, tie them together and attach a note where the apple tree grade is indicated. After that, put the cuttings in a cool place (for example, in a cellar), put vertically. Places of slices should be immersed in sawdust or sand. The substrate is kept moist for the duration of storage of the shoots.


In the spring they take out shoots and start vaccination. To make Inoculation Apple behind the bark, you need to make a longitudinal cut of the bark on the stump from the saw. The length of the incision is 2.5-3 cm. The edges of the cortex slightly bend.


Take grafted stem, the lower part is madeOblique cut. The length should be equal to three to five times the diameter of the shoot. On the second or third kidney from below, cut the way "on the kidney" (holding the kidney with the thumb of the left hand, you need to cut the stem by moving the knife to the right).


Then insert the shoot into the cut bark soSo that the upper edge of the cut coincides with the edge of the root of the rootstock. Corax along the inserted end of the cut is crimped, tightly bound and covered with var. A thin layer of putty cover the butt end of the rootstock and cut the cuttings above the kidney. The vaccination is over.

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