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How to increase the speed of page loading


How to increase the speed of page loading</a>

Without the Internet, any modern person does not already know his life.

We communicate, watch the weather, read news, do business and all this on web pages.

Not always the speed of the Internet allows you to do everything quickly and efficiently, so you need to increase the speed of loading pages.

You will need

  • - a computer with access to the Internet-
  • - The browser.



Check your browser. If you have Internet Explorer installed, it is better to replace it. Some versions of it brake when you open more than ten windows at the same time. This should also be taken into account if you want to speed up the download pages After a long work on the computer. In this case, the computer is better to reboot. Also if pages Open slowly, uninstall the Traffic compressor. It is designed to compress traffic, but significantly slows down the loading of pages.


Pay attention to the schedule of your favorite pages. She, of course, decorates, but also significantlySlows down the download. If you want to quickly open a site, turn off the display of pictures. This applies to both animation and video. Also hinders advertising - banners weigh about 50 kb and can also slow down the download. Remove them - this way you can speed up the site load. Also on the pages usually there are scripts, for example, counters. They are not visible to the user, but are downloaded every time. Prohibit their action on your computer by downloading a special program from the site http://turbonet.ru/download.htm. These programs will help you to open the site up to 30% faster and, moreover, to save your traffic.


Install the program - Internet AcceleratorOnspeed. This is an effective and fast solution for millions of users who are unhappy with the speed of Internet connection. The program can accelerate up to 10 times your Internet access and save traffic. It can become an alternative to broadband. The program provides the following features: accelerates the operation of GPRS, saves up to 90% of traffic, provides autoduptake of files, blocks pop-up windows.


Use the Opera browser to speed up the download pages, Especially if you go online from your mobile phone. She opens pages Much faster than other browsers - several times faster than other browsers.

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