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How to hang a photo on the wall


How to hang a photo on the wall</a>

Photos in the frames on the wall are not onlyMemory of loved ones, not only the ability to save images of your relatives for your children, but also a stylish modern interior decoration. The dimensions and material of the frames can be different, as well as their shape.

All photos can be in the same frame andMake a rigorous geometric composition, and can be located on the wall in a thoughtful mess, creating a skilful collage. How correctly to hang a photo on the wall?

It depends on the wall and the frame material.



If the wall is concrete, then take a drill and drill a hole in it, screw in the plastic dowel, screw in the screw, and hang a photo frame on it.


If the walls are brick, you will need specialHooks or metal braces, which are hammered into the wall in the right place. If you chose hooks, then prepare the drill again. Drill a wall, fill the hole with a special fastening solution so that the brick does not crack, and then hammer the hook in there.


Hanging photos on the wall can be done with the help of smallMagnets, like a refrigerator. Glue a narrow metal strip to the wall, and glue the magnets on the photo frame. Lean the frame to the bar, it will adhere to the wall firmly enough. This method is good because the bar can be glued under the wallpaper, it will not be visible.


Another original method of suspensionPhoto frame is the use of sewing hooks. Sew a few hooks to a dense cardboard, make a cross-cut on the wall, bend his "petals", glue the cardboard inside, cover it with petals from the outside so that only the hooks are visible. On these hooks you can hang or install a photo frame.


Similarly, you can use a sewing machineVelcro tape. Glue a small piece of 2-3 cm tape with hooks on the wall, and its counterpart with the eyelets on the frame. Join the frame to the wall, it will stay very tight.


And in a very simple way is the use of office plasticine Bostik Blue Tack. He leaves no traces on the wall and on the frame and holds the photos glued to the wall firmly in various frames.

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