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How to adjust the hardware in the window


How to adjust the hardware in the window</a>

Adjustment of window hardware is traditionally performed by representatives of companies selling windows. This type of operations is a significant part of the income of any company.

But modern technologies of production of accessories do not require special knowledge and professional skills.

Adjustment can be performed at home.

You will need

  • - screwdriver-
  • - Allen key-
  • - chisel-
  • - hard spatula-
  • - plastic ruler



Adjust the pressing of the bottom cornerLeave the protective cap off the hinge and insert the hex wrench into the vertical screw. Turn the key clockwise to raise the sash. Turn the key counterclockwise to lower the sash. Insert the key into the horizontal screw. Turn the key clockwise to move the door to the right. Turn the key counterclockwise to move the flap in the opposite direction.


Replace the window handle. Turn the plate thatIs at the base of the handle by 90 degrees. Remove the screws under the plate using a screwdriver. Remove the old handle and install a new one in its place. Attach the handle with the same screws. Install the vent control plate under the handle base.


Adjust the rotation lockHandles Carefully inspect the window hardware when the handle is jammed. This problem can lead to the impossibility of closing the window. The reason for this is the activation of the handle lock. Make sure there is a thin metal plate protruding under the handle of the window. Place the sash of the window in a vertical position. Firmly press the plate against the seal. Turn the handle and close the window. If there is no metal plate, find the tongue protruding at an angle to the frame. Push the tongue with your fingers and install it parallel to the sealing rubber. Turn the handle and close the window. Check the grip of the metal tab with the counter element installed on the window frame. If there is no clutch, it is necessary to open the window and unscrew the counter element from the window frame. Put a plastic or rubber gasket between the counter element and the frame. Install the reciprocal element in place. In this way, you will achieve the clutch of the blocker with the counter element.


Adjust the operation of the window handle.Silicone grease and lubricate all movable elements. Pay special attention to the upper corner gears. Remove the decorative caps and lift the window leaf. Tighten the adjusting screws inside the hinges. Use the hex wrench for this type of adjustment.


Eliminate slight blowing from underThe elimination of this problem can be done by rotating the eccentrics. Different models of window fittings can have movable elements of different configurations. Eccentrics can be made in the form of rollers, pins or keyholes. Determine the type of eccentrics of your furniture. Turn the eccentric using the hex key or with your fingers.


Eliminate strong blowing from under the seal. The most common reason for this is that the straightening plates have fallen.
Take the plastic student line andMake new straightening plates. Take the chisel and place it on the joint of the profile and the glazing bead. Slightly hit the chisel and detach the glazing bead. Move the leaf from the double-glazed window with a chisel, install the plates. The sash should be moved no more than 3-5 mm apart.

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