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How to adjust the balcony door


How to adjust the balcony door</a>

Balcony - one of the most vulnerable places in the apartment in terms of heat loss and violation of the process of effective heat exchange.

If the balcony door is not adjusted, it can lead to the appearance of cracks and holes through which the draft will pass.

You will need

  • - Tools: a hammer, a screwdriver, a tape measure.



Try to adjust the balcony doorWith the help of outsiders. To do this, first determine the degree of defect, determine why the door is not working properly - whether it is caused by its sag or skew. Perhaps the reason lies in the increased humidity. As a consequence - the "swelling" of the door frame. This can happen if your door is made of wood, not plastic.


Raise the door slightly and adjust the mounting bolts. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, they will need to be loosened or tightened. Close and open the door several times.


To loosen the nut, put a screwdriver at point-blank range in theEdge of its tooth and tap it with a hammer on the thread. Do not do it too much. See that the screwdriver does not fall off, otherwise you will damage the plastic construction. Now tighten the nut with a hexagonal wrench. Next, using a tape measure, measure the diagonals of the door with an accuracy of 1 millimeter. In case of inconsistency, you will have to drag the diagonals. You can also resort to wedging the balcony package, which will even out the load on the hinges.


If the balcony door creaks, you will need to lubricate the hinges. This all known method equally well fits both balcony doors in PVC blocks, and ordinary wooden doors.

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