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How to grow a milk mushroom


How to grow a milk mushroom</a>

"Tibetan milk mushroom" is a naturalCurative bacteria that restore health, rejuvenate the skin, strengthen hair, prolong healthy life ... Live medicines can be easily grown at home.

Kefir from the Tibetan milk fungus is the result of vital activity of bacteria and microorganisms beneficial for health.

You will need

  • - glass jar-
  • - colander with small holes.



In a glass half-liter jar, placeMilk mushroom and fill with fresh milk in the proportion of 2 teaspoons of mushroom per 200 ml of milk at room temperature. Place the container in a dark place at room temperature. Full fermentation occurs after 12 - 15 hours. At the same time, a thick layer appears in the top, in which the fungus is located.


Ready kefir strain through a colander with small holes, gently stirring the mass with a wooden spoon. The medicinal product is ready for consumption.


After filtering the Tibetan mushroom thoroughlyRinse the remainder of kefir with boiled water at room temperature. It is necessary to rinse the fungus daily, otherwise it will not multiply and may get sick. It will turn brown and lose its medicinal properties. A healthy fungus should be white, without signs of mold and mucus.


Mush again fill with fresh milk, a day later will be ready a new portion of therapeutic kefir.


Milk is better to take a natural and, according toOpportunities not boiled. Boiled milk mushroom will be much longer to ferment. You can use both cow and goat milk. Avoid reconstituted milk, prolonged storage, soy.


If several days are not possible to drain and rinse the mushroom, pour milk into a 3-liter jar in half with water, put the mushroom, put it in a warm place.

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