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How to glue a mosaic


How to glue a mosaic</a>

In the building materials store you can buy mosaic tiles, which are made in the form of a sheet.

Pieces of mosaic are pasted on a mesh or paper basis.

On the basis of a certain way, a pattern is taken from multicolored rectangles.

The beauty of the mosaic surface depends not only on the artistic moments, but also on the competent preparation of the surface, glue and grout.

You will need

  • - Mosaic-
  • - glue-
  • - comb-
  • - bar-
  • - a hammer-
  • - putty knife-
  • - wet sponge-
  • - grout.



In order to glue the mosaic, it is necessary to prepare the surface. It should be clean, smooth and dry. Sand the surface to get a white background.


On the prepared surface, draw the lines,Which will help to position the sheets. To do this, spread the sheets on the floor. Measure the size of three adjacent sheets. Lay the sheets so that the distance between them is equal to the distance between the pieces.


Transfer the resulting size to the work surface. And with a plumb bob, put a net. The wall will be divided into several squares. The squares correspond to nine mosaic sheets.


To lay the mosaic, use a latex adhesive that is resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes. Do not use adhesive solutions for ceramic tiles.


Apply glue to the surface with a comb withV-shaped teeth 5 mm. Apply smearing movements forward and backward. Hold the comb at an angle of 30 degrees to the surface. At the same time lightly press on the edge of the comb so that the glue fills all the voids and pores of the surface. Do not cover the entire surface at once, but only a small area. Align the adhesive first with a flat side, then with a serrated side.


On the reverse side of the mosaic, also apply glue for better adhesion to the surface. Glue is applied only to the tile, and not to the paper base of the mosaic.


Take a sheet of mosaic tiles and lay them on the surface with a paper side outward. Equalize it and press it against the wall. To do this, use a trowel or a bar with a hammer.


Check the joints atNeed to tap them lightly. This is done to ensure that after laying out a smooth surface, and not formed air bubbles between the tile and glue.


After gluing the mosaic tiles, remove the paper sheets. To do this, take a wet sponge and wipe the paper. Try to do it very carefully so that the tile sheets do not move.


Wait for the paper to darken from moisture. Remove it by pulling it diagonally down. Remove the paper immediately after laying the sheets with a mosaic. Then you can trim the seams until the glue has dried completely.


After the tissue or paper is removedIt is necessary to fill the gaps between the mosaic. Apply a special grout trowel in the longitudinal and transverse direction. Remove any excess grout with a trowel and after 20 minutes, clean the mosaic surface with a damp sponge.

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