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How to get a ticket to a sanatorium

How to get a ticket for a spa treatment</a>

Rest from the city vanity, plus the opportunity to significantly improve your own health - that's what most sanatorium-and-spa treatment is for.

But what needs to be done to manage to get into such a comfortable medical and preventive institution?



Find out all about the sanatorium in which you plan to visitTo improve themselves or their loved ones. Location of the institution itself, the way to it, a set of proposed procedures, a regime and the names of doctors. Also, the reputation of the institution of interest is also very important. Remember that prestige significantly affects the price, but it is a guarantee of quality services and services.


Visit your doctor. Perhaps you have contraindications to some kind of procedures. It is better to know this information in advance. In addition, let your therapist write you a referral to this sanatorium, if it is required there for admission.


Determine with the time of stay in the medical-resort zone. Be sure to have a weekend for this period.


Book a ticket at the sanatorium itself. If possible, pay it immediately and in full. But if the rules of this sanatorium allow, then it is better not to redeem it at once, because your plans may still change.


Think beforehand the date of your arrival inThe chosen sanatorium and the route by which you will travel. In advance, find out the prices for the road, choose the transportation that you plan to get. Get tickets for him. It is possible at once round-trip.


Prepare all the necessary documents. Especially pay attention to this item, if you like the institution is in another country. Then take care of the visa or entry-exit authorization.


Learn the weather report for an important time for your trip. Even if it is difficult to predict in advance, pay attention to the time of the year chosen for the rest.


Packaging bag, remember those services and services that this sanatorium provides. And also do not be afraid to "grab" extra things.


Just before leaving, make sure that nothing distracts you from a complete immersion in the atmosphere of rest and peace.

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