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How to find a root in the third degree


How to find a root in the third degree</a>

The operation of finding the third root is usuallyCall the extraction of the "cubic" root, and it consists in finding such a real number, the erection of which in the cube will give a value equal to the root number. The operation of extracting an arithmetic root of any degree n is equivalent to the operation of raising to the power 1 / n.

For practical calculation of the cubic root, you can use several methods.



Use the online calculator to find the root of the third degree. For example, to do this with a service placed on a page http://csgnetwork.com/cuberootcubecalc.html, It is enough to enter a number in the Enter A Value field andClick the Calculate button. This calculator uses a JavaScript script for calculations, that is, all calculations are performed directly on your computer, so the result you get instantly. Root Cubic from the entered number will be placed in the field Calculated Cube Root, where it can be copied and transferred to the program you need.


Another way is to use a calculator,Built into the Google search engine. For example, to find the cube root from 1730, enter 1730 ^ (1/3) in the search field. If you want to find a root from a fractional number, then use a period instead of a comma as the separator of the integer and fractional part.


If there is no Internet access, then you canUse a calculator built into the Windows operating system. The reference to its launch is hidden no less deeply than Kashchei's death. To get to it, first open the main menu on the "Start" button, then open the "All Programs" section, then click the "Standard" subsection, after it - the "Service" section, and then click the "Calculator" item. You can make it easier - press WIN + R, type calc and press Enter.


Open the "View" section in the calculator menu andSelect the item "Engineering" or "Scientific", because the desired function in the normal interface of the program is missing. Then enter the number from which you want to extract the cube root.


Put a checkmark in the checkbox next to the inscription Inv- so you tell the program that you need to perform operations reverse to what is indicated on the function buttons of its interface. Then click the button with the symbols x ^ 3 and the calculator will calculate and show you the result of extracting the cube root from the entered number.

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