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How to find a person in the police


How to find a person in the police</a>

It happens that people close to you disappear. The phone does not answer, friends can not really say anything, but time goes on and on.

Where to run, whom to contact?

It is worthwhile to figure out how you can find a person through law enforcement.

You will need

  • Photo.



Apply for loss in any of the itemsPolice, the place of application is absolutely not important. Special services themselves will redirect your application to the right place. Be sure to collect at the branch ticket a notification of acceptance of your application, otherwise it may be invalid.


Give the most clear indication. Describe the appearance with all the features (scars, defects, moles). It is also necessary to tell what diseases the disappeared had gone and what features in gesticulation and gait were present, if any. Tell us, for what personal subjects can you identify a person, for example, by watch or jewelry. Do not forget to describe in detail the clothes in which he left the house. Useful information for the investigation will also be information about the circle of communication of the missing, as well as a description of the routes that are familiar to him.


"Cauterize" the smell of one of man's things,Which he used on the eve of the loss. This will make an expert examination. Put on gloves and put a handkerchief or shoe in the sterilized jar with tweezers. Gloves and tweezers are necessary so that your smell does not mingle with the smell of the missing. Next, close the jar with foil, and on top with an ordinary lid. This way you can keep the smell, which will allow you to conduct an investigation with the help of a cynologist.


Wait. The duty officer will conduct initial search activities. The missing person will be checked on the medical and accounting basis of the internal affairs. Also, the investigative-operative group will immediately go to the place of disappearance. Depending on the location of the signs of a criminal offense, either a search or criminal case will be instituted. Depending on the age of the missing action, law enforcement agencies will have different character. If the loss of a child is likely to cause a stir, then the disappearance of the adult will be treated rather coldly and formally. In any case, do not despair, because if the police are powerless, you can always turn to a private detective agency.

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