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How to find a network w


How to find a w-fi network</a>

Before successfully using the Wi-Fi network, it must be properly configured.

To simplify the process of creating such a network, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi router.

You will need

  • - Wi-Fi router-
  • - network cable.



Select and purchase the right equipment. When examining the parameters of this device, pay attention to the possible options for security types (WEP, WPA- and WPA2-PSK) and radio signal (802.11b, g, n). Specify the possibility of creating an access point with mixed types of radio signal.


Install the Wi-Fi router on the openTerrain. Do not hide the device in a cabinet or other capacity, because this will negatively affect the signal level. Connect the power to the equipment. Connect one of the Ethernet (LAN) ports of the router to the network card of the laptop or a desktop computer, using a twisted pair for this connection.


Find the WAN port on the Wi-Fi casing of the router(DSL, Internet). Connect the provider cable to it. Turn on the device connected to the router and start the browser. Enter the default IP address of the router in the url input field. Its value is specified in the instructions for the equipment.


Enter your login and password to accessThe settings menu. To configure the connection to the provider's server, open the WAN (Internet Setup Settings) menu. Set the required type of data transfer protocol, change the advanced parameters of this menu. Be sure to specify the login and password required for authorization on the server, and enable the NAT and DHCP functions. Save the settings.


To create a wireless access point, go toIn the Wi-Fi menu (Wireless Setup Settings). Design and enter the network name, set the password and select the types of radio transmission and security. Save the network settings.


Restart the Wi-Fi router. Turn on the laptop, not connected to the device cable. Open the Network and Sharing Center. Select "Set up a new connection or network". Specify the item "Connecting to the wireless network manually".


Fill in the items in the opened menu,So that the settings correspond to the settings of the router. Click the "Finish" button. Open the list of available wireless networks and connect to the desired access point.

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