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How to find Network w

How to find w- fi network

Before successfully use the Wi-Fi network, it must be properly configured.

To simplify the process of creating such a network is recommended to use a Wi-Fi router.

You will need

  • - Wi-Fi marshrutizator-
  • - network cable.



Select and purchase suitable equipment. In the study of the parameters of the device pay attention to the types of security options (WEP, WPA- and WPA2-PSK) and radio (802.11b, g, n). Check with the ability to create an access point with mixed types of radio.


Set the Wi-Fi router to openareas. Do not hide the unit in a cupboard or other container, because it will negatively affect the signal level. Connect the power supply to the equipment. Connect one port of Ethernet (LAN) router network card laptop or desktop computer, using the compound of the twisted pair.


Locate the Wi-Fi router's WAN port housing(DSL, Internet). Plug your cable provider. Turn on the device connected to the router, and run the browser. In the text box, type the url-address standard IP router. Its value in the instruction to specify equipment.


Enter your username and password to gain access toSettings menu. To configure the connection to the provider's server, open the menu WAN (Internet Setup Settings). Set the desired type of data transfer protocol, change additional settings in this menu. Be sure to enter your login and password required for authentication on the server, and enable NAT and DHCP. Save the settings.


To create a wireless access point, goin the Wi-Fi menu (Wireless Setup Settings). Come up and enter the network name, and set a password, select the types of radio transmission and security. Save the network settings.


Restart your Wi-Fi router. Turn the laptop is not connected to the device cable. Open the Control Center Network and Sharing Center. Select "Setup a new connection or network." Select the item "Wireless Network Connection Manually".


Fill in the menu displayed in such a way,to set parameters correspond to settings of the router. Click "Finish" button. Open the list of available wireless networks, and connect to the correct access point.

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