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How to find a fast good job


How to find a fast good job</a>

Sooner or later everyone faces the problem of job search.

To the period of viewing vacancies and walking through interviews does not last for long months, it is necessary to show initiative and to try all available methods.



Make a competent resume, which reflectsAll important information about you: full name, year and place of birth, basic and additional education, work experience, personal and professional qualities. Make a resume taking into account in what sphere you plan to work. Imagine yourself on a profitable side, but do not deceive the employer. Before sending, be sure to check the summary for spelling and punctuation errors, which will immediately alienate the potential tenant.


Look for vacancies in the newspaper and on the Internet. Newspaper ads are still a proven way to find work, especially in the public sector. Most HR departments give vacancy announcements and on several Internet portals. The most popular of them are: "job.ru", "hotjob.ru", "hh.ru", "superjob.ru". Here you can not only see other people's vacancies and give your ads, but also read professional articles on finding a job.


Contact the recruitment agency. Some offices have a fairly wide profile, others work only with a certain industry. Both can provide you more information about a potential employer than an ad on the site. In addition, many agencies have previously learned about open vacancies.


Create your own website. For this, it is not necessary to be a professional programmer. Many Internet portals provide templates that allow you to register your own page in one night. There you can place all the necessary information about yourself, supplement it with photos, reports, post contact information. Such a site will allocate you from the crowd and help a potential employer see you as a bright person.


Tell friends and acquaintances in which sphereYou are looking for work. Your friends have other friends, and those - their friends. Perhaps one of these "chains" will lead to a good place. It's not about "blat" or "ties". The sooner you learn about a free post, the higher the chance to get a seat, so you need to use every opportunity.

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