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How to extend a visa in Russia


How to extend a visa in Russia</a>

The term of stay of a citizen of another country in the Russian Federation depends on the period during which his visa is valid.

But sometimes there are circumstances that prevent the foreigner from leaving the country in time.

How can I extend my visa?



Contact the migration service before the visa expires, as consideration of your application can take up to 20 days. Please note that it is not possible to extend the tourist visa.


Imagine to the migration service bodiesNecessary documents confirming your right to extend your visa. This should be a petition from the organization (or work permit) or a statement from individuals who invited you to Russia, or the fact of having a return ticket with a fixed date. You can be granted a visa for a maximum of 10 days if the total period of your stay in Russia did not exceed 90 days during each half year.


If circumstances of a humanitarianCharacter (emergency treatment, illness or death of a relative who lives in Russia), extend the visa for the entire period necessary to resolve the circumstances. Present in the migration service documents confirming such circumstances.


Provide documents in case of insurmountable circumstances (for example, natural disasters and other emergency situations) in order to extend your visa for the period necessary for leaving the Russian Federation.


If you live in Russia for an annual multiple training or work visa, then you can stay in the country for the duration of such visas.


If you are late for a visa, then you can leave Russia only after you are issued an exit visa to the migration service. To do this, submit the documents, namely:
- passport with a visa-
- 2 photos-
- you bought a return ticket with the date of departure-
- Receipts for payment of state duty and fine.


If the visa was not due to your fault,Address to the consulate of your country, that on their Note the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia issued you a Certificate of Return. An exit visa is not required in such cases, but you will be required to leave Russia within 10 days.

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