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How to build in the hob


How to build in the hob</a>

Built-in home appliances in the kitchen - one of theThe most modern functional solutions that allow you to equip the kitchen with the latest technology, without cluttering its surface with household appliances. The built-in technique can be placed in the most convenient place for the hostess, rationally using the kitchen space.

The hob is an indispensable element of any kitchen.

Embed it is possible, having some experience in working with furniture.

You will need

  • - Roulette-
  • - marker-
  • - drill-
  • - drill bit 10 mm-
  • - jig saw-
  • - epoxy adhesive.



Measure the inside dimensions of the hob withUsing fasteners, using a tape measure. This is necessary for marking the cuts necessary for the installation in the table top. In most cases, the instruction manual supplied with the hob contains not only all dimensions, but also instructions for marking the cuts of the countertop for installation.


Mark the cut line with the marker on the table top. If the surface is dark, then this can be done, for example, by scratching these lines with a screw. Take into account all external constraints, such as the lower cabinet racks, the presence of a skirting board near the wall that will be installed after the hob has been plunged. Before proceeding to sawing, carefully double-check all the marks.


Drill a 10mm drill in the corners of the markup fourHoles. A jig saw with a saw with a tooth downwards, so that the laminate of a table-top does not spoil, start propyl from the near to itself longitudinal side of a marking. To do this, insert the jigsaw into one of the near holes and, tightly pressing its platform to the marking, make a cut.


In the same way, successively make a long-rangeLongitudinal propyl, and then, two transverse. The right cross cut must be the last. When doing this, be sure to hold the table top from below with your hand, in order to gently pull out the cut piece, without breaking anything.


Place the panel in place of the cut. If it is dense and evenly standing, you can fix it permanently, if it is not inserted to the end, then the place of the cut can be worked up with a sandpaper or a sanding machine. Then remove the hob and thoroughly clean all sections using a vacuum cleaner or a rag.


Dilute about 50 ml of epoxy glue according to the instructions. The ends of the cuts must be thoroughly coated with epoxy, after protecting the bottom of the cabinet with paper or cloth.


Glue the sealant all the places of docking of the hob and countertop. Extend the connection wires, if necessary, supply them with a plug. Then insert the hob into place.

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