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How to draw inspiration


How to draw inspiration</a>

Without muse, poets can not live.

What poets!

And mere mortals need a source of inspiration, because without it one does not want to do anything, one has to force oneself to do the work, and this leads to a deterioration in the results of labor.



Thinking about where to look for inspiration, you are veryYou are mistaken. No, you can, of course, advise to look at the sunset or go in search of a muse on the shore of the ocean, but all this will be only a recommendation, not a means to achieve the goal. Why? Yes, because people are different, and they are inspired by different things. One needs to admire the rays of the spring sun, others - to meet a smiling person, and the third - to fight with your loved one. Listen to yourself, try to understand what exactly you want.


If you need to be inspired urgently (for example, youWant to send a poem to the contest, and the deadlines are tight), try to inspire with zealous work. If you are a poet, then rhyme the lines, not sparing your strength: let them be unsuccessful, let there be no life in them, most importantly - your brain will be set to work. After eight hours of hard work, you will feel that your head has become a rhyme generator, and even later you will understand that the poems are created by themselves. Believe me, not always bad.


Take a short walk through the park. It is advisable that near you there were as few people as possible: loneliness has to creativity. Concentrate on your feelings, try to disconnect from the outside world, mentally move to another reality.


Perhaps you will never understand how to scoop upInspiration, if you do not feel it yourself. Do not be afraid, if the muse has not visited you yet - everything is ahead. Many thinkers talked about the fact that genius is not a fruit of talent, but rather of working on oneself. Give creativity as much time as possible, make it an integral part of your life, and you will be rewarded with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It will be born as if by itself, come regardless of the time of day and other causes of this kind. The main thing - believe in yourself.

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