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How to draw a heron


How to draw a heron</a>

Heron is such an important bird that can stand in the water motionless for several hours in a row. Red beak and red legs signal from afar about its approach.

Drawing herons on paper passes in several stages.

You will need

  • - album sheet-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



Arrange the landscape sheet vertically. Draw a heron standing on one leg. In the middle of the sheet, draw a large oval, located vertically - the tule's trunk. Oval tilt slightly to the left. Above the large oval, draw a small one, located diagonally and located some distance from the trunk. This will be the head of a heron. Draw the neck of the bird. To do this, connect the two ovals in parallel lines. Draw a vertical center line. The topmost point of the head and the straight leg should be clearly on the vertical.


Draw a beak in the form of an elongated sharp beakTriangle. The length of the beak should be equal to the length of the neck. In the lower part of the body, draw a tail. Draw it with a small square with an uneven bottom side. Divide the square into three parts, which symbolize the feathers of herons. Draw the feet of the bird. Draw one leg in the form of straight vertical parallel lines. The second picture is bent almost at right angles. At the tips of your paws, draw the claws.


Make a drawing of heron's details. Draw an eye as a thick dot. Beak divide into two uneven parts. Draw a straight line from the top of the beak to its base. Draw the wing of a heron. In the middle of the body, draw a slightly curved line, directed downwards. From the end point of the line, draw a dentate line that rises up to the middle of the heron's back. Each tooth is drawn with a stroke, thus dividing each pen.


Color the drawing of the heron. Beak and bird's feet paint in red. Lower parts of the feet make the tone darker than the upper parts. Feathers on the wing and tail are painted in dark gray. Throughout the inner contour of herons, go through a light gray shading. The main part of the bird leave white.

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