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How to draw a desert


How to draw a desert</a>

The task of drawing a desert can be difficult.

After all, the picture, on which there is nothing but sand and sky, is unlikely to be interesting. However, there are deserts with a fairly diverse vegetation and an unusual landscape.

This combination will preserve the atmosphere of loneliness and space in the drawing and at the same time attract the attention of the viewer.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - watercolor-
  • - the palette-
  • - Brush-
  • - a glass for water.



Sheet of A3 paper should be placed horizontally. Approximately, but mark the location of all the objects on its surface and the volume of each part of the drawing. Divide the sheet into four equal parts by horizontal lines. The lower of them will denote the visible boundary of the earth on the horizon. From this space, separate 2/3 of the parts that fall directly on the surface of the earth, the remaining one-third occupy the mountains.


The left part of the outline is filled with the tops of the mountains, gradually losing height towards the right side of the sheet.


Build the shape of each cactus. They are cylinders, slightly tapering upward. For a cactus in the foreground, draw six vertical axial lines located next to each other - on each of them there will be a "branch" of the plant. At the top and bottom of each axis, draw a horizontal line and draw on it an ellipse equal to the width of the barrel of the cactus. Note that the bottom ellipse will be slightly wider than the top. Connect the side faces of the figures, outlining the shape of the spine. Make it curved in several places to give an outline similarity to the irregular forms of this cactus. Auxiliary lines for construction are erased with an eraser. By the same principle, make sketches of other cacti in the background.


To balance the composition, which is stillFilled on the left side, mark the clouds in the upper right portion. Here the lines must be very thin so that the graphite does not shine through the paint layer.


To paint a picture, use watercolor. Begin filling from the sky to write on it a towering cactus. Take a wide brush and apply a saturated blue-blue color to the entire sky, except for the clouds. Spread the color from the top left corner with broad strokes and a clean brush to wash it off the horizon.


Immediately add a very slightly light ocher to the still dry sky above the lowest part of the mountains.


Give volume to the clouds, adding strokes of gray-blue on their perimeter and in places of blackout in the center.


Plots of desert filled with low plants, paint over with a mixture of herbal and ocher. In the sand color of the soil, add a little cold blue.


For the murals of mountains, use a mixture of dark brown, ocher on lighted areas and smoky blue in the shadows and at the foot. Borders of colors blur.


Cactus make a brown-green, and then on the main shade, apply a mixture of dark brown with indigo, and emphasize the light side with a small amount of brick and light yellow.

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