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How to determine the sex of a chicken


How to determine the sex of a chicken</a>

There are several techniques to distinguish between future males and chickens.

To accurately establish the sex characteristics of chickens, you need knowledge and rich experience.



The best period for determining genderChicken - from seven to twelve hours from hatching. First of all, release the large intestine of the chick from the litter. Then gently place it on your left palm with your backside down. Press the head with the ring finger and the little finger, and grasp the right hand between the middle finger and the index finger. With your thumb of the left hand, pull the tail to the back. Slowly squeeze the area around the cloaca with your right thumb and index finger, slightly unscrew its lower part. If on a tummy a small tubercle with a diameter of about one millimeter is visible, you have a cockerel in your hands. The chickens have a small wrinkle with excessive pressure. But if you hold it with your finger, it disappears. This technique should not be used earlier than the chicken will turn seven hours old. At this time, the walls of his gallbladder and cloaca are very fragile. You can easily injure yourself. After eighteen hours, the described sexual sign is smoothed out.

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Determine the sex of the egg yen chicken can be when it reaches the age of ten to fifteen days. At this time, scallop and skeleton of the males are clearly visible.

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Specimens of meat-egg breeds acquire the same sexDifferences only by the age of one and a half months. In addition, the shape of their lumbar feathers resembles pigtails. In chickens, they do not differ from the rest of the plumage.

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There is another way to determine the sex of the chicken. Take the chick from behind the scruff and lift it up a bit. If he keeps his paws straight - it's a cockerel, and if he tries to spread them and bend - the chicken.

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