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How to detect a hernia


How to detect a hernia</a>

Hernia is a fairly common phenomenon.

Until it began to expand, does not cause any particular inconvenience. And yet it is easier to remove the hernia until it becomes a problem.

The faster you diagnose a defect, the easier it will be for you to take the necessary steps to get rid of it.



Infants have a hernia of the inguinal regionIs manifested by the presence of protrusion. Pay attention to the behavior of the child. If he constantly cries, while sneezing and sending out natural processes, the swelling in the groin increases, which means that your baby has a hernia. Also you may notice that in the horizontal position the swelling sometimes disappears, moving painlessly into the abdominal cavity.


In the presence of inguinal hernia in an adultNoticeable swelling, which disappears in the lying position. Press down on the swelling of the hand. In this case, most often you will feel acute pain in the groin. If you push the protrusion through your movement, the pain passes. Note that with the growth of the hernia in the groin, there may be an obstruction of the intestine, which is accompanied by the appearance of traces of blood in the stool and high fever. If you have these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. The disease can seriously threaten your health and even life. Also, the symptom of the onset of a hernia may be pain during tension or lifting of the heaviness.


Independently to find out a hernia of a century it is possible, notResorting to a doctor's consultation. Press your fingertips onto the eyeball. Pay attention to the possible occurrence of swelling of the skin of the inner corners of the eyes. This is a symptom of the onset of a hernia. Visit the oculist. He will be able to either confirm or deny fears.


Remember that the main manifestation of educationA hernia is a protrusion of the skin. In case of a hernia of the abdominal wall, you will notice slight protrusions. With umbilical hernia protrusions will be in the navel area. Hernia can not be ruptured during the postoperative period. If you suspect a hernia, examine the suture for swelling.

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