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How to decorate old furniture


How to decorate old furniture</a>

It's rather sad to part with old furniture, if it has been pleasing to the eye for many years.

However, today she has lost her charm, the paint has cracked, and you will not get joy from her contemplation.

There are many ways to transform old things, but the most simple and effective is decoupage.

You will need

  • - colored three-layer napkins for table setting with beautiful ornaments or special napkins for decoupage-
  • - glue PVA or special glue for decoupage-
  • - brush for applying glue-
  • - Putty-
  • - a skin with a fine grain for grinding-
  • - primer for wood-
  • - varnish for fixing the work-
  • - scissors.



Decoupage is a technique of sticking on differentPlastic and wooden surfaces of thin napkins. To purchase the necessary tools and supplies, visit the building shop (putty, primer, you can also buy special brushes and rollers for their application), as well as a department of stationery and goods for creativity that are available in all major department stores. There you will find napkins for decoupage, special glue, varnish for finishing, or a ready-made set. There are also special shops where you can buy everything for the creative process.


First of all, it is necessary to prepare the surface. No matter how outwardly it is, you need to walk on it with a skin to get rid of the old paint and varnish. If there are potholes and cracks on the furniture, it is necessary to cover it thoroughly with putty, after which it is additionally sanded with sandpaper. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure until smoothness is achieved. After careful leveling, cover the surface with a primer and leave to dry completely.


The next step is to prepare the image. Take either a three-layer serving napkin, or a special napkin for decoupage. From it, cut out the necessary elements with small scissors. It can be a flower, a tree, a fruit, an ornament, or some other image. You can also use the technique of torn decoupage: do not cut out the ornament, but just tear the paper artily. If you use a serving napkin, you need to separate the extra layers from it, leaving only the one with the image.


Next, the picture is glued to the surface. To do this, apply glue on the back side of the napkin, then apply the ornament to the desired place on the furniture and carefully press it. If in some place the gluing does not happen, you can walk with a brush on the outside of the napkin, and then wipe off excess glue with a soft cloth. Cover the individual parts or the entire surface of the furniture with napkins.


After completely drying the work, cover it with a varnish, glossy or matte, it is desirable to make several layers. Your new old furniture is ready.

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