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How to make copyright on songs

How to make copyright on songs

It is recommended to carry out a mandatory copyright registration procedure that helps prevent conflict situations in many cases.

In the event of litigation the holder of the registration certificate can easily prove that he - the owner of the copyright in the musical work.

You will need

  • - An application for the registration of certain form-
  • - Copy of the stitched c songs (copied or executed on a standard sheet of A4 format) -
  • - A copy of the payment receipt of registration of copyrights.



Sign a contract with the Russian Authors' Society "KOPIRUS" confirming that on the date of conclusion of the collecting society would know everything about the author and his work.


Write an application for registration setform. Send in the registration department copyright registered mail as a part of all of the above documents, including an agreement with RAO "KOPIRUS". After receiving a copy of all documents sent to the songs in the Russian State Library for long-term storage. For information about the author and copyright registration shall be entered in the registry database of RAO "KOPIRUS". Next is issued certificate of copyright registration and sent to the address, which was specified in the statement.

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