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How to create an e-mail address


How to create an e-mail address</a>

Mail.Ru is one of the popular e-mail systems. It offers not only e-mail messaging services, but also its own social network, a news portal and information retrieval services on the Internet.

Many people create their electronic mailboxes in this system.

The order of creating a box is simple and accessible.

You will need

  • - a computer with access to the Internet-
  • - browser program.



Run the browser and go to the siteMail system mail.ru. There, click on the "register in the mail" link. Next, you will be moved to the page with the questionnaire, the fields of which you need to fill in order to create a mailbox on the mail.ru.


Fill in the "Name" and "Last Name" fields. These fields are mandatory to fill in to create a mailbox. They do not require reliable data, but this information will be contained in the letters you send. Therefore, it's up to you to decide whether you want to introduce a fictitious name or a real name. Also, based on this data, the system will display you prompts for choosing the login, that is, the name of your mailbox. For example, if you enter "Ivan Ivanov", then as an option, you will be offered the address "ivan-ivanov@mail.ru".


Fill in the "email address" field. In the first field you need to enter the assumed login (that is, the name of your mailbox on the mail). To check the availability of this login to create a box, click in any other field and a green or red message will appear on the screen, which will inform you about the possibility of using the login. The second field provides a choice of server on which you can create a box. It can be mail.ru, bk.ru, list.ru or inbox.ru. Choose what you like best, or if the selected login on this server is already taken, try checking its presence on another server.


Enter the password, the system has a limit forUse of symbols - to make a mailbox on mail.ru, you will have to come up with a password consisting of Latin letters and numbers. Also, the password must be at least 6 characters long. After entering the password, the system will analyze and give you how strong or weak it is. You will need to enter the password again to avoid an error.


Select the secret question that the system will askYou to recover a forgotten password. Also you can enter your own secret question. Then make a response to it. The question, like the password, needs to be remembered or written down in a safe place to access the mail on the mail.ru. Remember that saving passwords in the browser is dangerous - there are Trojan programs that can steal them from the browser's memory.


Then tick the box "Create my world" if you want to not only create a mailbox on mail.ru, but also register in its social network.


Enter symbols that protect against automatic registrations in a special field. Click the "Register" button. Everything, you have successfully created mail on the mail.

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