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How to connect to the battlefield 2 server


In BattleField 2 you will be expected in truthA huge arsenal of techniques and strategies, where the most "sick" imagination can show its tactical abilities, so feel free to connect to the same players as you, deciding who will win in the next fight.



To connect to the server "Battlefield 2" you need:
Download from any available site "online -Account »Gamespy.Sign up by specifying your email, game login and password. You will be offered automatic login, saving all the information, so that you do not have to write down the data all the time. Agree, this will speed up your connection to a possible game server.


Each profile is checked separately, soImmediately after registration and log in, go to the "Options" menu - make optimal game options, connection speed (512K or better), control, graphics, sound (microphone frequencies). Each time, changing the graphics settings, the game will be optimized for a specific configuration. If you do not have a strong enough system, and more often a video card - then you should not often change the video settings, as there will be a decrease in performance and an excess of the shader cache.


Then go to "MULTIPLAERJOIN INTERNET", and enter the data as follows, for example:
IP address:
Port: 27015
Password: 34785435 (most often, no password is required)


It is also possible to view all the servers,Click "All servers" in the upper left corner. From them, select a more appropriate map and type of game for your style. Click "Connection". The server to which you are connected will be automatically saved to "Favorites-History". After that, select the server and click "Make Favorite". It will remain in your bookmarks, and you can connect to it without dialing "IP / PORT" each time.


To connect to the server "in one click" byShortcut, copy your current shortcut and change it to make the path look like this: Code for instant launch of the game and quick connection to the server "BF2". D: Program filesGamesBattlefield 2BF2.exe + menu 1 + fullscreen 1 + restart 1 + PlayerPrefix your_refix + playerName your nickname + playerPasswordyour password + joinServer + port 15678
Good luck!

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