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How to connect a water-heated floor


How to connect a water-heated floor</a>

In recent years, as an alternative heating system is increasingly used warm floor. Thanks to such a heating system, the heat distribution in the room is more uniform.

Electricity or hot water are used as heat sources for the device of a warm floor.

Water warm floors are more economical.

The construction of a water-heated floor is not at all a difficult matter.

You will need

  • - pipe-
  • - cement-
  • - expanded clay-
  • - waterproofing material-
  • - foil insulation -
  • - self-
  • - building hair dryer or blowtorch-
  • - special fasteners-
  • - alabaster-
  • - perforator



Select a premise for installing a warm floor.The choice of the room must take into account that the warm floor dries the air in the room. Therefore, the installation of such a floor is not recommended in the bedrooms. Ideal places to install a warm water floor are the kitchen, bathroom and corridor.


Remove the old floor covering and screed.


Prepare risers for connecting a warm floor. A warm floor can be connected to both a central heating riser and a hot water supply pipe.
If necessary, replace the hot water supply pipe with polypropylene. Solder the ball valves in the riser.


Put waterproofing material ProwhiteThe lower part of the walls. Lay the waterproofing in such a way that it enters the walls, above the level of the future floor. The waterproofing must be overlapped (approx. 10 cm). Carefully seal the seams and contact points with walls using a construction hair dryer or blowtorch.


Make a rough screed As a rule, a mixture of expanded clay and cement mortar is used to install the screed.
Using the level, set the beacons for the screed. Fill the screed and level the solution to the lighthouses. For the next three days, the screed should be wetted with water to give it more strength.


Select pipes For the installation of a warm floor it is recommended to use seamless metal-plastic pipes. The diameter of the pipes is selected depending on the area of ​​the heated room and the pressure in the riser.


Lay down the pipesSet the foil insulation. Lay the pipes, attach them to the screed using special fasteners and connect them to the riser. Pipes should be laid "snake". Install the fittings on the pipe ends. Spread all joints with a special heat-resistant sealant. Connect the fittings to the riser terminals. Allow the sealant to dry.


Run a test run of the systemTo ensure that all connections are made reliably and the pipe does not leak anywhere, it is necessary that the system stand under pressure for several days.


Fill the finishing screed When filling the screed, care should be taken to ensure that there are no unevennesses on its surface. Allow the screed to dry.
Your warm water floor is ready.

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