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How to clean the boiler of scale


How to clean the boiler of scale</a>

The most common pollutant that interferes with the normal functioning of the heating system is the scale in the boilers.

If you do not make timely cleaningHeating equipment and system, this can lead to the fact that first the boiler will increase the consumption of energy consumed for heating the room, and after the circulation of water in general becomes impossible.

You will need

  • - reagents for flushing the boiler-
  • - tools for mechanical cleaning-
  • - a special pump for feeding reagent-
  • Water.



Determine the type of chemical cleaning of the boiler: Demountable or CIP. If a flushing is planned, disassemble the boiler, place its individual parts for several hours in a reagent container, then rinse with running water, dry and collect. In the case where CIP is planned, a pump is connected to the heating system, which supplies the rinsing reagent to the boiler. This pump should provide for the possibility of regulating the pressure in the system: the feed of the reagent must be carried out at a certain rate and pressure, followed by an increase in these parameters when the reagent reacts with the scale.


Perform mechanical cleaning of the boiler from scale. This cleaning method provides that the contamination will be removed either manually using scrapers or brushes, or using a special automated tool.


Perform hydrodynamic cleaning of the boiler fromScale. This method is considered more sparing than mechanical, as it prevents the possibility of damage to the boiler parts during cleaning. Hydrodynamic cleaning of the boiler is as follows: the contaminant is removed by a jet of water supplied under high pressure.


Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the boiler components. Complex purification from the pollutant provides for mechanical cleaning of the boiler and heating system from scale, followed by immersion of individual parts in reagents, where they must be left for several hours.

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