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How to clean an old copper coin


How to clean an old copper coin</a>

Ancient copper coins have a unique beauty, but only until they are darkened.

Clear the coin by using various means that will not harm the metal.

If the copper has darkened (more often it gets a green tint) or is stained, do not despair, just brush it.

You will need

  • - lemon-
  • - flour, salt and vinegar-
  • - vinegar and hot water-
  • - tooth powder or paste-
  • - liquid for cleaning jewelry-
  • - cloth-
  • - Toothbrush-
  • - old newspaper.



Take a half of lemon, put a flesh of it into his fleshCoin and let it a little "get wet." After about 15 minutes, remove it and clean it with a brush. Rinse in cold water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.


Mix a little flour, a large salt and addA drop of vinegar. Well grate the coin with the resulting mixture, wait and rinse a little in clean running water. Be sure to wipe the copper dry, otherwise dark spots are formed almost immediately.


Dilute the vinegar in boiling water. The approximate concentration of acetic acid should not exceed 20-25%. Add 2-3 tablespoons of table salt or sea salt and dip the coin into the solution. When the water and vinegar cool down, gently remove the coin and clean with an old toothbrush. Rinse in clean water and wipe with a cloth. Be careful when working with a concentrated solution of vinegar, you can poison yourself with fumes.


If you have tooth powder, then useIt or him, and if is not present, the usual bleaching tooth-paste will approach also. Dampen the coin and rub it with paste or powder, brush it with active movements. Rinse and look at the result, if he did not arrange you, repeat all over again.


Liquid for cleaning jewelry is also capable ofRestore the original form of copper. Buy a product in a jewelry store or in a workshop, lower the coin for a few minutes and carefully wipe it with a clean cloth. If you are afraid of the integrity of the coin and are afraid to clean it yourself, contact a jewelry workshop. You will be professionally cleaned and polished, and a special colorless coating will also be applied to protect the copper from blackening.

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