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How to catch a beaver in winter

How to catch a beaver in winter

When winter comes, it seems that the beavers went into hibernation. But they remain active all winter.

With the onset of cold weather, these animals merelysuppressed, but with the onset of thaw return to normal life. During thaw otters appear on the surface of the reservoir, where the remains of their tracks in the snow.

On the ice, you can catch the beaver traps, because in many places the loops are forbidden and are considered illegal hunting method.



If you want to catch a beaver in the winter, thenbeaver settlement, choose the deepest place. Intelligence do better in the fall and leave guidance to winter it was easy to find these places. Here, make a hole the size of half a meter by half a meter. Take the trunk of a small tree of such length that the top edge of the protruded above the ice surface and the lower rested on the bottom of the reservoir. Keep the angle between the tree and the bottom 45%.


On the trunk of the tree check the depth of 1.5 m fromthe inner edge of the ice. Construct a small area for his trap. Make sure that the area was parallel to the bottom, after the installation of a pole in the water. On the site, set a trap. Tie him thin threads, so as not to fall or float beaver but got. Now fix a trap, but not a stake driven into the bottom, and the chock. Chock choose a diameter greater than 10 cm, and length - more than a meter. The cable tie of the trap in the middle of lumps, which set across the hole.


Prepare broom, preferably from aspen branches. You can use the willow or birch. The length of the branches in the broom do no more than 1 meter. The diameter of a broom should allow you to stick it in the hole. Broom can not bind, because the branches are not drowned, but vmerznut ice in the hole.


Be aware of the main features of the installation of the trap: trap on the site, place about half a meter from the edge of the lower branches. Beavers, seeing the delicious food of aspen branches, not proplyvut past, start their nibbling. So the beast will fall into your trap.


Loop place after freeze-up, when the thicknessRiver ice free keeps a person's weight. Place the loop on the channels where the beaver swims. Learn it by air bubbles, which displaces water from beaver fur. The bubbles accumulate beneath the lower edge of the ice. Passed out a small hole in the ice to put the noose. The upper hinge region is located at 5-10 cm from the inner edge of the ice, the diameter of the loop of about 40 cm. Tie a loop in a thick chock, which is set across the channel.

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