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How to catch a beaver in winter


How to catch a beaver in winter</a>

When the winter comes, it seems that the beavers are hibernating. But they remain active throughout the winter.

With the onset of frost these animals are onlySuppressed, but with the onset of a thaw return to the ordinary way of life. During the thaw, beavers appear on the surface of the reservoir, where their traces remain on the snow.

On the ice, you can catch beavers with traps, because loops in many places are prohibited and are considered poaching methods of hunting.



If you want to catch a beaver in winter, thenBeaver settlement choose the deepest place. Explore better to do in the fall and leave landmarks, so that in winter it's easy to find these places. Here make a hole half a meter in size. Take the trunk of a small tree of such length that the upper edge protrudes above the surface of the ice, and the bottom rests against the bottom of the reservoir. Keep the angle between the tree and the bottom about 45%.


On the tree trunk, note the depth of 1.5 m fromThe inner edge of the ice. Build a small area for your trap. Make sure that the pad runs parallel to the bottom, after installing the pole in the water. Set the trap on the pad. Tie it with thin threads so it does not fall or the floating beaver does not knock it down. Now fix the trap, but not the stake, driven into the bottom, but chock. Churku choose a diameter of more than 10 cm, and a length - more than a meter. Wire the cable from the trap in the middle of the chock, which is set across the ice hole.


Prepare a broom, preferably from aspen branches. You can use willow or birch. The length of the branches make in the broom no more than 1 meter. The diameter of the broom should allow you to poke it into the hole. You can not tie a broom, because the branches are not drowned, but frozen in the ice in the ice-hole.


Remember the main feature of the trap setting: Place a trap on the ground about half a meter from the bottom edge of the branches. Beavers, seeing tasty food from aspen branches, will not pass by, they will begin to gnaw on them. So the beast will fall into your trap.


Put a loop after the freeze-up, when the thicknessRiver ice freely holds the weight of a person. Install the hinges on the canals where the beaver swims. You will learn this from the air bubbles, which displaces the water from the beaver's fur. Vesicles accumulate under the lower edge of the ice. Cut a small hole in the ice, put a loop there. The upper edge of the loop is located 5-10 cm from the inner edge of the ice, the diameter of the loop is about 40 cm. Tie the loop to a thick chock, which is set across the channel.

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