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How to organize a poultry farm


How to organize a poultry farm</a>

The poultry farm is well open in areas where timeFrom time to time the population feels interruptions with the production of poultry farms. If your business intuition has already prompted you that it's time to deal with chickens, ducks, goose and quail, then immediately register the enterprise. Even if you are thinking of breeding ostriches, the order of organization of production is the same.

You will be considered a supplier of agricultural products.



If you are planning to engage in breeding youngBirds, then the site for the construction and organization of the farm, choose further from large settlements and neighboring farms. There is a bad ecology, a high probability of infectious diseases of birds, which will worsen the breeding of breeding hens and other poultry.


If you are planning to establish a commodityProduction to provide the city's population with the products of your poultry farm, then you better rent a site that is located as close to the distribution points as possible.
The production area depends on whichThe type of feeding you chose. After all, geese or ostriches can be kept on grazing or in all seasons fed with combined fodder. Proceed from the fact that geese will need 10 square meters. M site for each individual individual, and ostriches better to graze in a fenced off allotment. A waterfowl requires you to take care of the pond.


Contact your local veterinary service for information on the sanitary suitability of your chosen area.
If you have to organize a commodity farm,Then for its profitability it is necessary to grow simultaneously from 500 to 800 individuals. In advance, before the construction of the house, make an agreement on the supply of poultry. Choose a reliable producer who keeps a breeding farm in your area.


Remember that the bird can not stand drafts. Consider this when building a house. Close the draft when you convert another room. For the young, make a foreseeable heating room, although in summer it is enough to equip a large enclosure. Calculate the area of ​​your house, based on the planned livestock. For example, a chicken and a quail prefer to live in a crowded manner, so the poultry area for these species may be smaller than for geese and turkeys.


Be engaged in purchase of the necessary equipment. The number of feeders should be calculated so that all birds can access the food. Take care that there are roomy refrigerators in the warehouse. Modern drinkers and incubators will increase the profitability of your production.
You will need the accompanying production. Increase the profitability of the farm with the help of the shop for processing down and feathers.

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