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How to apply for a visa to the UK


How to apply for a visa to the UK</a>

If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and decide to visit the UK, you will need a valid visa.

You can register it yourself at the British Visa Center in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don.

To do this, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and personally apply for a visa, providing their biometric data.

You will need

  • - Passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of the end of the trip, which has two blank pages-
  • - used international passport (if available) -
  • - visa application form-
  • - 1 color photo 3,5х4,5см-
  • - confirmation of availability of financial resources-
  • - certificate from the place of work-
  • - confirmation of stay (hotel reservation or voucher) -
  • - a medical insurance policy with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros-
  • - payment of consular fee.



First of all, go through the registration procedure on the website of the UK Migration Service: http://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/ApplyNow.aspx/. Then select the type of questionnaire, depending on thePurpose of the proposed trip. Read the instruction on filling out and start filling out the questionnaire. It must be completed online in English. Print out the questionnaire and sign it. A unique registration number will come to your e-mail address, due to which you can choose the time of your visit to the British Visa Application Center. After you select the date and time, you will receive confirmation of the date and time of your visit. Print it out and attach it to the questionnaire.


Confirm availability of funds youYou can attach to the documents a recent bank statement, a receipt for a salary or documents from a tax inspection. If you submit documents for movable or immovable property, this will significantly increase the chances of obtaining a visa.


The reference from the employer should be on the company letterhead of the organization with signatures and seals and instructions of the position and salary. It is desirable that the salary was at least 30,000 rubles.


Individual entrepreneurs need to submit copies of certificates of registration of the company and registration with the tax authorities.


Pensioners must attach a photocopy of the pension certificate, a sponsorship letter and a certificate of the relative's job (or an extract from his bank account) that finances the trip.


Non-working citizens will need an extract from the bank account or a sponsorship letter and a certificate of the place of work (an extract from the bank) of the person financing the trip.


Students and schoolchildren need a student card, a certificate from the university (school), a sponsorship letter and a certificate from the sponsor's place of work (or an extract from his bank account).


If you are traveling by invitation, you needTo present a letter from the inviter, where the degree of relationship or relationship will be indicated, the purpose, duration of the visit and the address by which you will live. You also need to attach a photocopy of the passport of a British citizen or a photocopy of the residence permit.


Keep in mind that all documents are neededTranslate into English. Translation attach to each document on a separate sheet. On each sheet should be indicated the date of transfer, the name and surname of the translator, his signature, contact information and confirmation that the translation corresponds to the original. Translate the documents you can yourself. You can also contact a professional translator. If you have used the services of a translation agency, you need to specify the company details, the name and surname of the interpreter. Translations are not notarized.


Children to the main package of documents requiredA photocopy of the birth certificate and a notarized power of attorney from the parent (s) if the child is traveling with one of the parents or with a trustee. In this case, you will need to specify his name, surname and passport number. If the second parent is absent, a certificate from the competent authorities is needed.


The consular fee is 3570 rubles. It is paid directly in the visa center before the procedure for the delivery of biometric data.

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