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How to tie the edge

How to tie the edge

Finished look Knits will make a beautiful border.

Hook can be taped to decorate the edges associated spokes things.

Crochet a finishing edge exits crocheted.

You will need

  • Hook
  • Knitting



Finishing edgeOn the front side of the finished product byhorizontal or vertical edge of the nicknames of different colors vyvyazhite chains of aerial loops, attaching them without columns nakida alternately thread the same color of the thread of a different color.


Tie the thread of the main chain of 8 colorsstitches, loop the last little stretch. Remove it from the hook and turn the chain on the front side of the work. From the next loop next to the first chain, attach the thread first otdelechnogo colors, knit 8 stitches. The last loop of a little pull, pull the hook out of it and turn the chain on the front side.


From the next loop, attach the thread color of the second spin, knit 8 stitches. The last loop of a little pull, take out the hook and flip.


Enter a hook in the first loop of the long chainpull up a working thread loop to reduce the normal size. Attach it without nakida column for the second loop tsveta.Svyazhite finishing 8 stitches, pull the last loop, remove the hook.


Go back to the first chain otdlochnogo color and knit it as the previous one. Then again knit chain of finishing second color.


Finishing tesmaSvyazhite 2 air loop. Enter a hook in the first loop and knit 1 column without nakida. Turn the strip from right to left. Enter a hook in a bundle of two horizontal threads of the previous row, lying on the left side of the strip. Knit it together with a loop on the rod hook column without nakida. Vyvyazhite required number of rows. The finished braid sew on the product.

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