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How to tie the edge

With the strapping will be more beautiful!

Undergirding the land can be not only crocheted parts for more convenient their compounds.

Also tying apply and any products made of fabric: collars, handkerchiefs, napkins, but in this case, of course, binding function is decorative.

You will need

  • Detail
  • Threads
  • Hook



In order to secure the edge of the knitted thingsprotect it from the subsequent stretching at a sock, and to round off the stuff, you can tie the edge bars without nakida, but knitting direction is reversed. This kind of binding is called "rachim step."


If the item is associated with needles, then add length thread for binding. If we finish crochet, then we continue to knit only by changing the direction of knitting.


So do one air loop for lifting. After this knitting is not reversed as usual. Then, the hook is entered from the front of the web in a previous loop of the row. That is, as it were, knitting returns.


Further work is captured by the thread hook, is displayed through the loop to itself. Eagle Eye is two loops that provyazyvayutsya as usual, and nakida provyazka. Eagle Eye is again one loop.


The next step - the hook again to start upprevious loop fabric. Knitting is continued in the opposite direction. First, it is unusual, be careful. Then again picks up the working yarn and fabric is pulled back to him. On the hook again form two loops. They need to knit one loop. And following this algorithm - it is necessary to tie the whole piece.

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