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How to tie an edge


The harness will be more beautiful!</a>

You can tie the edges not only for knitted items for a more convenient connection.

Also, the binding is used for any products made of fabric: collars, handkerchiefs, napkins, but in this case, of course, the binding function will be decorative.

You will need

  • Detail
  • Threads
  • Hook



In order to fix the edge of the knitted thing,To protect it from the subsequent stretching when you wear it, and to make things complete, you can tie the edge with columns without a crochet, but the direction of knitting will be the opposite. This type of strapping is called "step by step".


If the thing is tied with knitting needles, then we tie a thread for the strapping. If we finish crocheting, then we continue to knit, only changing the direction of knitting.


So, for lifting, one air loop is made. After that, the knitting does not turn over as usual. The hook is then inserted from the front of the blade into the previous loop of the row. That is, knitting seems to come back.


Then the working thread is grasped by a crochet, is withdrawn through the loop to itself. On the hook is two loops, which are tied as usual, cape and bandage. On the hook is again one loop.


The next step is to hook the hook again toPrevious loop of the fabric. Knitting continues in the opposite direction. At first it's unusual, be careful. Then the working thread is picked up again and is pulled back to the back of the canvas. Two loops are formed on the hook again. They need to be tied with one loop. And following such an algorithm - you need to tie the entire part.

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