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How to throw icq

Many Internet users have long been accustomed to communicate in a network around the clock, setting the program for instant messaging on their mobile device.

Installing the ICQ client will not require you a lot of time.

You will need

  • - Internet connection on your computer or on telefone-
  • - USB-cable or Bluetooth adapter.



Check out the configuration of your mobiledevice. Find out what it is running, if you're the owner of the smartphone. If you have a regular phone, make sure it supports the installation of applications. In accordance with these settings, select the appropriate program for your needs ICQ.


Connect your phone to the computer usingThe USB-cable or wireless Bluetooth connection. Open a browser window, type in a search engine query ICQ-client for your device, which you will be convenient to use.


Download the software on your computer. Be sure to check it for viruses. It is also advisable to download software from sites you trust, because the recent increase in the number of downloaded software for mobile devices that contain malicious scripts.


Right-click copy the ICQ-client installation file to your phone. Disconnect your mobile device from your computer, go to it in the folder where the program should be an installer.


Click on "Options", select "Installation". The system will give you the parameters of installed software, and a warning about the consequences of the use of third-party applications.


Go to the menu of installed programs, selectyour ICQ-client. Open it, select the Internet connection settings, enter the user name and password, if you have any. If not, log on and get in the mail settings for your account to ICQ system.


Try downloading using the setup programPhone browser - by typing in the address bar of the site address, click "Upload." A window appears in which the progress of the operation will be displayed. After that, find the file in the folder, which is usually stored in your phone files downloaded from the network. Install the program.

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