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How does the law "On the protection of consumers' rights" in practice


How does the law on the protection of consumer rights in practice</a>

The Consumer Rights Protection Act protects his interests, in a number of cases, allowing them to defend them in a dispute with the sellers of goods or with those who provide substandard services.

But in order to enjoy their rights, they must be known.



Buying goods or receiving paid services,The consumer has the right to expect that the goods will turn out to be of high quality, and the services will meet all the requirements for them. If you have any problems, you have the right to assert your rights, based on the law on consumer protection.


The simplest way to understand your rights is by specific examples. So, if the purchased cell phone in a few days went out of order, you can:
- repair it in the warranty workshop-
- replace with a similar new phone or phone of another brand with an additional charge or return to you the difference in cost-
- refuse to buy and demand to return you money. The claim for termination of the contract of sale must be submitted in writing.


In the event that the seller refuses to complyYour requirements, you have the right to apply to court - the law in this case is on your side. In the statement of claim you can demand a refund of money plus compensation in the amount of 1% of the cost of the goods for each day of delay in meeting your requirements. To the application attach a copy of the submitted claim for the termination of the contract.


You bought the item to the car (or any otherTechnical device), but at installation it was found out, that it does not approach. In this case, you have the right to return the goods to the seller, since he "did not fit in shape, size, style, color, size or for other reasons" (lines from the law). Refunds must be made within two weeks from the date of purchase.


Returned goods are given certainRequirements, they are described in the law in this way: you can return it if it is "not in use, its marketable appearance, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, and there is a sales receipt or cash receipt or other document confirming the payment of the said product." In the event that the check is not preserved, you will need to testify - someone must confirm that you actually purchased the goods in such and such a store of such and such a number.


Once again pay attention to the words of the law - "notCame up in shape, size, style, color, size or for other reasons. " This indicates that you have the right to return in time up to 14 days even an absolutely serviceable goods. If the store does not have a product that meets your requirements, you must return the money.


There are a number of goods that do not returnSubject - for example, fabrics, bed linens, underwear, medicines, jewelry. When purchasing such goods, always carefully check their quality, completeness, etc., as you will not be able to return them.

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