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How the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights in practice

How does the law on the protection of consumers' rights in practice

The Law on Consumer Protection is the guardian of his interests, in some cases allowing them to defend in a dispute with vendors of goods or to those who provide substandard services.

But in order to enjoy their rights, they need to know.



By purchasing products or getting paid servicesthe consumer is entitled to expect that the goods will be quality and service will meet all requirements imposed on them. If you encounter any problems, you have the right to defend their rights, relying on the law to protect the rights of consumers.


The easiest way to understand their rights in the specific examples. So, if you bought a cell phone over a few days out of order, you can:
- To repair it in the guarantee masterskoy-
- Replaced by a similar new phone, or other brand with a surcharge or refund you the difference in stoimosti-
- To cancel the purchase and demand your money back. A claim for cancellation of the contract of sale must be submitted in writing.


In that case, if the seller refuses to complyyour requirements, you may apply to the court - the law in this case is on your side. The statement of claim, you can request a refund plus compensation in the amount of 1% of the price for each day of delay in meeting your requirements. The application shall include a copy of the claim filed to terminate the contract.


You bought the item to the car (or any othertechnical device), but when setting it turned out that it is not suitable. In this case, you have the right to return the goods to the seller, because he "did not come in shape, size, style, a coloring, size or for other reasons" (line from the law). Returns must be made within two weeks from the date of purchase.


The returned product must meet certainrequirements in the law, they are described as follows: you can return it if it "has not been used, its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, factory labels and also has a sales receipt or cash register receipt or other proof of payment of the product in the document." In the event that a check has not been preserved, it would require the testimony - someone will have to confirm that you really got the goods in such a store on a certain date.


Once again, note the words of the law - not "It came in the form, size, style, a coloring, size or for other reasons. " It says that you are entitled to recover up to 14 days even completely non-defective goods. If the store is no product that fits your requirements, you must return the money.


There are a number of products that no returnsubject - for example, fabric, bedding, underwear, medicines, jewelry. By purchasing these products, always double check their quality, completeness, etc., as you bring them back will not be able.

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