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How to terminate the insurance contract and to return the money

How to terminate the insurance contract and to return the money

This article presents tips to help everyone understand how to properly terminate the insurance contract to return the money paid.

You will need

  • Remember, any contract of insurance can beto cancel and return the rest of the insurance premium. To terminate the need to provide justification. For example, when selling cars, suit sales contract or PTSD, the car with holy keeping.
  • In order to return the money to terminate the insurance contract must be:



Contact the insurance company office and fill out an application. You should have an insurance policy and passport. Remember to terminate the contract can only be the one who concluded!


Fill in the application details for the transfer. This option is the most convenient because it does not require re-circulation to the insurance company in order to obtain the unused balance of the insurance.


Ask the manager to calculate the amount of insurance to return. Know that will be refunded the amount is directly proportional to the remainder of the unused days, minus the cost of doing business.


Ask a certified copy of your application. This will serve as a guarantee that you are treated and provide the necessary documents for the termination.


Specify the exact timing of the transfer of funds.


Remember, if the company does not pay for a long time, you can go to court. In this case, useful application, certified by an employee of the company.

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