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How teeth are cut through


How teeth are cut through</a>

The appearance of teeth in a child is an important and long-awaited moment in the life of the family.

The first teeth indicate that the baby is physiologically ready for the gradual introduction of solid food.

However, the process of eruption is not always smooth and painless.



First of all, parents should know the dates andThe order of teething. Approximately in half a year the child has lower central incisors. In 8-9 months the baby becomes the owner of the upper central incisors. Then the upper (10-11 months) and lower (12-13 months) lateral incisors erupt. After a year, the upper and lower molars appear (they appear about 13-15 months), fangs (18-20 months) and second molars or molars (20-24 months). Thus, by the age of 2-3 years, the eruption of all twenty teeth ends.


At the sixth year of life, the replacement process beginsMilk teeth permanent. As a rule, it passes in the same sequence and is completed by 11-12 years. At the age of 12-14 years, the children break through the second large molars (molars). The latest are the third large molars, or wisdom teeth. However, not all children have the same timing and order of eruption, there are deviations in one direction or another. Not always observed and a pair of teeth.


Later, teething may beVariant of the norm, especially if such a feature was noted in the parents. Nevertheless, you should not leave this situation without medical attention. A frequent cause of tooth retention is a lack of calcium in the body, especially if the baby was weaned early. To exclude this factor, it is necessary to make an analysis for the content of calcium in the blood serum. If the deficit is identified, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate calcium preparations suitable for the child by age.


The process of teething in children of the first yearsLife is often accompanied by swelling and redness of the gums, profuse salivation, irritability, anxious sleep and a decrease in appetite. The child tends to bite something hard to relieve the itching in the gums. For this purpose, silicone teethers, which in a large assortment are represented in pharmacies, will be suitable. Sometimes the appearance of teeth is accompanied by temperature. In such cases, always seek help from a pediatrician. It will help distinguish the symptoms of eruption from the signs of an infectious disease that begins.

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