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How to sew a down jacket


How to sew a down jacket</a>

Everyone has the property to change form: someone grows thin, someone gets better.

As a result, it turns out that the clothes either needChange, or sutured. As soon as the cold comes, you have to get warm clothes, then it turns out that the down jacket is 1 or 2 times bigger and it needs to be sewn.

When you begin this lesson, prepare everything you need, try it on again to pinpoint how big it is.

You will need

  • - scissors-
  • - sewing machine.



Tighten Down jacket Quite simply. Clamp between the forefinger and thumbs excess tissue and measure with a ruler. You need to sew extra centimeters by the side seams. Unscrew Down jacket, With small scissors, carefully peel off the lining, unlock the allowance for a hem.


Not all products at the inner seams are treated with adhesive tape, but if it is present, you need to remove the adhesive as best as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to sew on the glued fabric.


Take the tracing paper, attach its pieces from above and below to the seams Down jacketa. Draw a line of narrowing Down jacketAnd the handle directly on the tracing paper, point the bottom note inReady form, then mark half the distance from the line of tying the line to the edge. Connect the dots with a pen. This must be done so that there is no assembly in the area of ​​the allowance from the front. Now make one line on the planned line, then remove the tracing paper.


After this, take off the factory line by driving the breaker or scissors from the bottom up. Cut the allowance at a distance of 1 cm from the new line. If the seam Down jacketAnd from the inside was glued with duplicating material, thenIt is necessary to restore it with a strip of fleece and iron. Long to keep the iron in one place should not be, since traces may remain. The allowance is better to glue in a zigzag pattern.


On the lining there is a seam through which the articleIt is turned out, it needs to be ripped off and the lining is sutured along the lateral seams at the same distance. After this, it is possible to connect the lining with the outer part from both sides Down jacketa. In the end, sew a hole.


Those who sew their clothes themselves for the first time,You can advise stabbing during fitting with needles that part of the fabric that is superfluous. Then, with the help of dry soap, you should draw lines near the seams, design a new shape, and if behind Down jacketBut there are reliefs, then the seams will have to be leveled. The lining is broken, as are the side seams. Then fold up the front side, and the line is made in the intended place, then the same manipulations should be done with the lining. Then Down jacket Just turns out.

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