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HOW to take in jacket

How to take in jacket

Everyone has to change the form of property: someone lose weight, someone better.

In the end, it turns out that you need clothing orchange, or stitched. Once come the cold, it is necessary to get warm clothes, and that's when it becomes clear that the jacket has become 1 or 2 sizes bigger, and it must be stitched.

Getting to this task, prepare every needful thing, try it one more time to determine exactly how big it is.

You will need

  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - sewing machine.



take in Down jacket pretty simple. Hold between thumb and forefinger excess fabric and measure ruler. Sutured extra centimeters you need at the side seams. Remove the Down jacket, Small scissors gently thrust pad, detach the hem allowance.


Not all products on the internal seams are treated with adhesive tape, but if it is present, it is necessary to remove the adhesive as much as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to sew on fabric glued.


Take the tracing paper, attach pieces of it to the top and bottom seams Down jacketa. Draw a line narrowed Down jacketa pen directly on tracing paper, point to the bottom markready-made, then mark the halfway line by line narrowed to the edge. Connect the dots handle. This must be done to ensure that in the area of ​​allowance from the front were not assemblies. Now make the intended line of one line, then remove the tracing paper.


After that, remove the factory line, leading ripper or scissors upwards. Cut off allowance at a distance of 1 cm from the new line. If the seam Down jacketbut inside was pasted duplicate material thatyou need to restore it using the strip Fleece-backed and iron. How long to keep the iron in one place should not be, because they can leave traces. Allowance best glue in a zigzag manner.


On the lining has a seam through which the productis inverted, it is necessary to take in and rip the lining on the side seams at the same distance. Thereafter, the lining can be connected to the outside of both sides Down jacketa. At the end of sew tear.


Those who take in their own clothes for the first time,it may be advisable to slaughter during the fitting of the needles the fabric, which is unnecessary. Then, with a dry soap should hold the line near the joints, to outline a new form, and if the rear Down jacketand there are reliefs, the joints have to equalize. Lining struts as side seams. Then add up the face, and made a line in the designated place, then the same should be done with the manipulation of the lining. Then Down jacket simply turned inside out.

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