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How to take abroad their paintings

Many artists meet with the problem of realization of the pictures.

In particular, when it comes to the export of works of art abroad.

In order to get the picture abroad, you must obtain a certificate indicating that the picture is not a cultural value.

You will need

  • - An application to the department of culture of the place zhitelstva-
  • - Photocopy zagranpasporta-
  • - The list of exported kartin-
  • - Photos kartin-
  • - Certificate confirming the ability to export the painting abroad.



Removal of paintings abroad is governed by the Federal Law "OnExport and import of cultural values. " For the export of paintings abroad is necessary to obtain a certificate stating that your pictures do not represent the historical and national value. Under Russian law, such paintings are considered to be works dating from the last 50 years.


Help authorizing the export of paintings abroadcan be obtained in the culture committee of the city. Before the removal of the pictures you need to make copies of passports, exported to photograph the work and bring it all together with the paintings in the culture committee.


For help, you must also makelist of exported cultural goods. That is, specify the full name author of the picture, title, year of creation, technique, in which it is made, and the size (in inches).


should also be taken care of if necessarypower of attorney for documents, documents confirming the right of property and documents testifying to the value of the paintings (if any). The committee of culture you will make a paid expert to determine the cultural value of your painting and will be given a document authorizing the export of paintings abroad. Now you can send the picture together with the document by courier or bring it yourself.


Please note that to receive this helpeven need, when you sell your paintings through an intermediary or an art gallery. However, this requirement applies only to the export of oil paintings. In the case of export abroad paper paintings or photographs of such problems should not be.


Exportation shall not be objects that representa historical, artistic, scientific or other cultural value (as a rule, they are included in the special protection register), paintings and artifacts stored in state and municipal museums and archives, cultural values ​​created more than 100 years ago. The ban on the export of paintings on other grounds is not allowed.

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