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How to tailor the pelmet

Pelmet - it is a modern type of finish of the window opening.

It can not only give elegance and style of the interior, but also visually enlarge the area of ​​the window or its height.

Pelmets are based on rigid and soft.

Soft pelmets sewn to the top edge of curtains, drapes.

These pelmets hide cornice, decorated with curtains, with them being a single ensemble.

You will need

  • 3-5 mm thick plywood or fiberboard, nails, glue, fabric for upholstery, lining fabric, batting or fleece for filling, steel corners, drill, wooden slats.



Lambrequin on a rigid foundation, the gang is known for severalhundreds of years. It is a wooden structure of some form fitted by the chosen fabric or decorate otherwise. This robust design allows designers to make extensive use of gangs in the creation of a specific interior. After all, it can be painted in the color of the walls or decorate with stylish designs to accentuate the decor of the room.


First of all, develop a blueprint for the futurepelmet. Carefully measure the length, height and width of the pelmet, making allowances for free placement in it cornice and curtains. Bando should be more above the cornice by 5-7 cm. Make sure that it does not interfere with the free opening and closing of the window frame.


Cut the plywood or fiberboard components of yourpelmet, following the received size. You should have: one front, two side pieces, one upper part. From the pattern of the fabric upholstery make all parts of the pelmet, leaving a seam allowance of 3.5 cm on each side.


Glue the front and side of the pelmet. Fasten it to the strength of thin strips and nails from the back side. Paste over all parts of the pelmet interlining or wadding.


Sew the cut fabric for upholstery, decorate itthe contour of the decorative cord or inlay. Cut from lining fabric lining for pelmet, sew and sew it on to the bottom of the main fabric. Put the cover on the resulting pasted pelmet. The upper part of the cover to manually fix a hidden seam, grabbing the base fabric and the lining.


Likewise trimmed top, cover,Bando. Secure the lid on top of the gangs from the sidewalls using small nails. Pattern the cover or cord edging hand along the contour, thereby closing the place of its fastening.


Drill holes in the wall at the place of installation pelmet. Set these dowels, attach the screws fixing metal corners. Hang the finished pelmet in place.

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